Suede Jackets For Women

Current trends and designs for suede jackets for ladies this winter: the 5 most popular ones

French and Italian brands traditionally dictate the fashion. It is they who set the define fashion trends each season, guided by the desire to please and surprise their fans with something new, different from the previous model. The same happened now, the fashion for winter-spring 2015 is already defined, and the hit of the next season will be suede jackets for women. Bright, juicy, they can decorate fashionmongers emphasizing their individuality. But in the collection there are not only eccentric models, there are also quite quiet suede jackets of brown, gray and black colors. The highlight of the collections is scrapes and stretch, which emphasize the individuality of novelties. Grunge style is very popular in winter-spring 2015.

In addition to the leather popular will be featured bomber leather jackets and suede fabrics, elongated vests and casual models with buttons. Designers are not particularly zealous with decorations in new collection, because suede itself looks very nice and stylish. Products made of it are suitable for all age groups, so do not lose their relevance.

Individual attention should be played to buttoned suede jackets. Such models can be related to classical, due to the cut and color. They look very stylish on men, but also women's models will be very relevant in the coming season.

Biker leather jackets - the trend of the season

Suede jackets for women are often associated with rocker style, especially if they are decorated with scrapes and casually stretched. Bright black leather jackets were created in order to break down these stereotypes and allow fashionmongers look at the model of suede from a different angle. Traditionally always have been popular biker jackets made of leather, but these models do not look less impressive, but in many ways even surpass them. The texture of the material, its softness and pliability are very attractive. Designers creating a collection of suede jackets have focused on bright colors. Models of crimson, fuchsia with a zipper down the slope. These leather jackets can be harmoniously combined with colorful cotton pants and long skirts. It is not necessarily to combine outfits for shade, easy disharmony of color will be very relevant in the next season.


Along with suede, the sleeveless jackets do not look less attractive. Elongated straight cut is possible to diversify the belt, making a short-cut style. The main objective of the new collection of vests - is to remember the forgotten 70s. Slight hint of ethno-style in the new models allows feeling the style trends of that time. You can wear them with anything:  pants or skirts of various styles. It is also possible to combine different colors.

Asymmetry and oversize

The trend of this season is a model of asymmetric cut and oversize. Oversize is intended to emphasize finesse, fragility and grace of women. Asymmetrical elements of decor are going to add some coquetry to your style.

Oversize style of jackets is the actual models of XXXL size. The most trendy are leather jackets of shape of which resembles a square. These jackets can be easily recognizable thanks to straight silhouette, elongated shoulder line and the "geometric" design elements - such as the bar, stand-up collar and rectangular patch pockets. Also at the peak of their popularity are bombers and black leather jackets. Such models are characterized by the presence of soft patent leather or quilted material. Naturally, these jackets have maxi format.