Suede Jacket

The experiment with leather textures for jackets this season: how successful was it

The main features of Jackets of winter season are not only in style but also in color. The fashion trends of autumn-winter season 2014-2015 are characterized by mixed materials such as leather and fur, leather and suede, and so forth.


Suede jackets are very popular this fall. These are classic short models with long sleeves. Moreover, designers offer bulk collars of different shapes. Suede - is very attractive and pleasant material. Suede Jacket is a perfect solution for the beginning of the winter season.


The popular trend of this season is unusual cut, asymmetry and oversize.  Oversize is intended to emphasize fragility and grace of a woman. Asymmetrical elements of decor are gonna add some coquetry to your style. Unusual cut can make your look stylish and trendy and help you to stand out from the crowd.

Metal rivets

Genuine leather jacket with metal rivets are today in the trend. Despite the fact that stylists prolong them for radical tendencies, such jackets are also present in the everyday classical style. Jacket with metal studs, is ideal for the look in grunge style, and punk rock. Such jacket is fashionable this year combined with tight dresses, as well as strict coveralls.


Jacket with decorative elements are very popular today. Designers use a sophisticated and unusual addition to the skin. In particular, in the fashion catwalk there were seen a wide variety of jackets trimmed with decorative zips.


Jackets trimmed with fringe are popular not the first year. Despite this, the designers continue to experiment on the theme of the fringe. For example, in the collections of fashion designers there are seen ultrashort jackets with fringe trim. Popular model brown, as well as combinations with suede.

Leather and fur

The autumn season is always paired with a cold, which means that the combination of fur and skin should be adopted. In addition, designers offer very stylish options and decorative trimming. So popular are suede leather jackets with fur sleeves, shoulders, and collars. These jackets look very stylish and beautiful.

Popular colors

Leather jackets this season are presented in a variety of colors. However, for the spring season designers propose colors such as blue, beige, dark blue, black. But for the autumn colors are characteristic muffled tones: black, burgundy, brown, beige and others.

In the new season aristocratic suede deserves special treatment, because the spring comes and all the ladies will want to wear it! Suede women's jackets this winter, which pleased us designers with, can be divided into groups: unusual and simple with no frills. In the most complex models appeared the originality of the 70s - a custom cut, varied decoration: fringe and beads, punching, embroidery lace and many other details. Trendy are suede jackets with melange effect in the style of the 90s, as well as complex geometric prints combined from different materials, and original styles without fasteners.

Among the residents of megacities are rapidly gaining popularity sport suede jackets which have become the prototype of a minimalistic style of the 60s. Most of them are painted in bright saturated colors without all sorts of shades. These jackets differ from the others by the simple cut, stitched belt, zipper and cuffs. But this suede jackets are also very functional, because they can be perfectly combined with clothes of different styles: business, classical, romantic, and sports.