Suede Coats For Women

The tips for buying a suede coat: how to pick up the genuine stuff

The trend for the suede coats is increasing by day to day. Many celebrities are seen wearing suede coats at the event and so people are also getting attracted towards suede coat. There is wide collection of suede coats for women and men with different style, pattern and colors. Nowadays the faux suede coats are also available in the market which resembles to the real suede coat. So in order to buy the genuine suede jacket, it is required to have knowledge regarding the genuine suede coats.

To select the genuine suede coat from number of fake leather, take care of certain points while buying, so that you don’t get cheated by giving more money for fake leather. Thus select the genuine suede suiting your style and budget by using some of the following tips.

1. Suede leather is the inner side of the animal skin, which also has irregular pattern of pores like in the genuine leather. But the faux suede is the man made synthetic polyester material, which is weaved and having regular patterns.

2. The real suede leather are not resistant to the water and single drop can leave its impression, while the faux suede is more water resistant, as it is made up of kind of plastic. So check your leather jacket for the water resistance.

3. In real suede, you can see the little bit difference in the color of the jacket, but the faux suede are very uniform with matte finishing.

4. Select the online shopping site and the retail stores, which are renowned and are known to provide genuine suede, so there is less chance of risk of getting faux suede.

Along with caring for the genuine suede, it is also required to select the suede coat with respect to the color, size, design and other detailing of the jacket. When you are spending your money at such expensive item, you should be assured of getting the best suede coats at the reasonable price, yet stylish.

Price of the suede coats is also high, so select the suede coat within your budget. If it is still not affordable for some people, then look for the sale season, where you can get up to 30- 40% off on the original price.

The color is very essential aspect for selecting the suede coat. The different colors of suede coats for women and men are available in the market. Color should be selected on the basis of your skin complexion, as some colors do not go well with certain complexion.

The suede coat should be of proper fit and cut suiting to your body shape and that looks more adorable than the improper fit. So select the fit which is well fitted with respect to the shoulders, sleeves, waist and length, so that it is body flattering and flexible wherever you go.

Nowadays, the suede coat for women and men are available with the great detailing like the stylish zip, pockets and buttons. The first thing that comes to our eyes is the other details of the coat like zips, buttons and pattern. Look for the zip, which is strong and smooth to move.  If the suede coat is with the buttons, then look for the fashionable and showy buttons, which can draw anybody’s attention. So, get aware to the aspect for selecting the genuine suede coat with the best body fit.