Suede Coat

The unconventional style for suede coats this season: the exclusive line of coats

The most fashionable and practical material for autumn jacket is leather. It has a great durability and will last more than one season, and will protect you from the cold in wet and windy weather. Leather jackets have a variety of colors and styles. Straight cut jacket in brown and black is the real classic. They were popular decades ago and remain relevant to this day. Unusual short jacket aviator - is a real discovery for the brave and extraordinary women. In such an "asymmetric leather jacket" you can go not only to the biker crowd, but also on a romantic date. Enough is to combine skillfully autumn suede coat with dresses and skirts, and then you'll definitely look trendy.

Women's leather jackets are popular from the 20s of the last century. Over the years, they have changed the style, colors, but always they were the most popular. We consider in detail the trends of fashion jackets in 2014-2015. Popular colors of women's leather jackets 2014-2015 will be - red, white and black, as well as all shades of brown and burgundy. In the trend are colored leather jackets, leather jackets with prints in the style of "military" and the combination of colors.

The main material used for tailoring jackets is suede and leather that has paint. Of course, in winter coats will be used fur and leather jackets for women are no exception of the rule. Autumn demand short jacket, but with the arrival of winter will be popular long jackets of straight or flared style. Popular will be also the jackets with a belt. Fashionable are also form-fitting jackets with fold, buttons sewn exactly in a row or diagonally ("leather jackets").

Jacket "Bolero" is a very short coat and is not suitable for protection against the weather, but it looks very stylish for celebrations, meetings and work. Leather and suede coats for women in this season will be mostly short, to the waist or just below.

In a fashion is colorful leather and fur - jacket today do not necessarily have to be natural, but it should have natural color. Particularly relevant is multicolor painting of fur.

However, classic black, red, brown, blue and white are also in trend. Jackets of classic colors are the most versatile, they can be combined with almost any clothing (you should only control the combination of styles), so if you are not able to buy a few jackets for different purposes, stop your choice on a low-key model of these colors.

Stylists say that short spring jackets for women in 2015, should combine functionality and beauty as much as possible. This year, for the fashionable championship fight two divergent trend - low-key, soft pastels and bright graphic prints. Also relevant are coats in ethnic style, especially African and Indian motifs.

To make the waist visually thinner, designers use a method of illusion - voluminous sleeves and a variety of belts and straps.

In this season, you can combine contrasting materials. Experiment with textures, supplement the rough jackets with light scarves and fur capes with lace gloves.

The choice of material of a jacket is up to you, choice in this season is very diverse: cotton and fur, satin and tweed, wool fabrics and a variety of synthetic materials. But the most popular models of short jackets of this season are leather and suede jackets - biker jackets made of thick leather with an asymmetrical zipper.

To make the jacket more interesting designers use an asymmetric cut and decor, contrasting inserts, the original form of the collar and hood.