Plus Size Leather Coats

Leather coats this season - The new of designs for plus size

Leather coat is one of the most popular wear that has been trending in the market since a long time. The leather coat has been in different types of fashion styles. Coats were just some official wear in early periods but slowly and gradually they have come up in different styles. They started to come with fur or without fur and many more. The coat these days can be used in official wear as well as casual wear. Whether it has been trench coat or the plus size leather coats there has been different fashion icon for this since a long time. Although mostly light color has been trending since last few years various new designs have been in market. Some of the popular designs of leather coat for plus size are:

1) Tibor Design plus Size Leather Swing Coat: This is one of the new design for plus size in the market. This leather coat is made from leather skin and has higher quality in its fibre makes. With the additional feature of zip out lining the coat with 2 sides of pocket on either side of the frontal lining. The coat is characterized with 100% Polyester lining and can be given to dry cleaner only for cleaning purpose.

2) ASOS front waterfall Exclusive coat-plus size :

This is another popular design with plus size leather coat mostly. Although this is made with lined leather, it is still trending. With zip on the frontal part there is waterfall design on the up-front part. The coat has side pockets which makes it much cosy. Generally the sizes vary from the regular fittings to plus size though.

3) Swing style plus size Vintage leather coat :

This is another popular leather coat which is mostly trending in maroon color. The other trending colors are brown, blue and red. This plus size leather coats have generous lining with no extra clinging stuffs. Generally the market registers the 37’’ long coat with great coverage. The coat is characterized with shawl collar which a sort of makes frame on your face. With the additional turn-back featured cuffs which are non-binding the coat makes it extra stand unlike other coats. The popular characteristics of this coat are quilted lining and front styling with strong shoulder pads.

4) Plus size leather walking coat :

This is generally popular among the tall people as they look trendy only on them. This coat is mostly popular with brown color and has tow pockets on either side. With 100% polyester lining on the edges the jacket has frontal and sleeves made with lamb leather of higher quality. The standing collar makes it rather more unique than other types of coat. This is generally a popular female coat for official purpose.

Thus these are the most popular so called leather jacket in plus size that has been trending in this particular season. Although there has been variation in design and color and the brand as well generally these plus size leather looks better with those who have heavy body and tall figure. You can collect these trending wears either from the nearby store or with online stores where you can rather claim the products in cheaper price.Hurry up ! Grab these exciting wears for yourself this season and make this coat a suitable wear on your body.