Motorcycle Vest

The biker vest: what are popular this Winter - the top 5 design patterns

This season there's a great collection of biker vests in the market. Biker vests are one of the most important elements of bikers, which not only protect them from cold but also add a sense of attraction to the personality. In fact, you will be amazed to see the amazing collection of biker vests in the market. There are a lot of new designs and styles which will make you go crazy and which would blow your mind. So in this regard let us have a look at the top 5 designs of biker vests in the market this season which have rapidly gained popularity.

Fur leather vest

This season the fur vests are quite in trend. Most of the vests comprise of fur all over their surface while others comprise of fur lining on the boundaries of the vest. This design is quite famous amongst ladies of all ages. These vests can be worn with fancy jeans on parties as well as on casual occasions. Apart from keeping you stylish, these vests provide you warmth and protect your body from cold during all times. So if you are looking for a hot and stylish vest, then this design is the best option for you.

Jeans-style motorcycle vest

This winter this style of motorcycle vests is quite common among teenagers. These vests are made from the same material from which jeans are made and give a pretty casual and attractive look. These vests are best to be worn with jeans. So if you are looking for something different this winter then you must try these vests.

Lapel vest

These vests comprise of a fancy lapel collar which is ready to take your breath away. These types of vests are quite common among men and women of all ages. This motorcycle vest generally comes with a front zip closure which adds to the beauty of the vest. In fact, there are usually large buttons at the front of these vests for their closure. The favorite colors of people in this style are red, blue, black and brown. Most of the celebrity vests this winter have also been launched in this style. So, do not miss the opportunity of getting a lapel vest this winter.

Vests with zipper on the side

Nowadays, it is common to vests in which the front zip is biased towards a practical side of the vest rather than being at the center. This style generally comes in combination with the lapel vest but this season it is seen in many leather vests as well. This type of vest with two flap pockets at one side of the vest looks simply amazing. In fact, this vest is best for those people who are fed up of the old styles of motorcycle vest and want to try something new.

Vests with round neck

Vests with round necks are common nowadays, especially among ladies. These vests comprise of round necks which resemble the necks of t-shirts. There are some vests with round neck which comprise of small buttons at the front for closing it. These vests look very cute of girls who wear it in pink or blue color. These vests are, in fact, best for those bikers who want to try out something different, unique and stylish.