Leather Vest

The leather vests which are hot this winter: The 5 new choices you have from renowned brands

Leather vests are always preferred by people who wish to have a stylish look. These vests are mostly worn by bikers, but nowadays they are also being worn casually by men and women all over the world. There is a lot of versatility in the designs and styles of these vests, due to which people are simply mad about them. Leather vests are available in various new styles this winter include bomber styles, vintage styles etc. If you are really a fan of these vests, you must check out the hottest collection this winter. In this regard, let us have a look at the top 5 leather vests from renowned brands.

1. Men’s traditional leather vest

The amazing leather vest is brought by Harley Davidson this season. This is a pure black leather vest with utmost charisma and appeal. The vest comes in a shiny appearance with three small silver buttons at the front for the closure of the jacket. There are two diagonal pockets at the front for warming the hands. The most intriguing feature of this vest is its v-shaped neck which looks quite amazing. There are ribbons at the sides of the vest for tightening it. It is surely the hottest leather vest this season which you should definitely not miss at any cost.

2. Tenay quilted Gilet

This amazing vest comes in a quilted style in order to keep you warm at all times. This is a thick vest which will prevent cold from entering your body. The vest comprises of a block pattern at the front which looks quite good since the vest is quilted. There are small, round buttons at the front of the vest for its closure. In fact, you will also find zipped pockets at the sides of the vest which you could use for keeping your hands warm. The neck of the vest is also high enough to keep your neck warm.

3. Wilsons leather vest with side straps

This vest comes in pure black color and is made from thick leather. It comprises of a v-shaped neck which is attached with the front zip of the vest. There are two long, diagonal belts at both sides of the vest which you could use for keeping stuff or even for warming your hands. The vest gives a very shiny and attractive look. The straps at the side of the vest add to its overall beauty and style.

4. Wilsons leather button front smooth lamb vest

This is a very decent leather vest which is specifically designed for people who are aged. This vest is perfect to be worn with formal clothes or even over your shirt. It features a very shiny appearance and comprises of a number of buttons at the front for the closure. There are two simple pockets at both sides of the vest which do not contain any buttons, unlike other vests. This vest is surely a unique and mesmerizing one which will blow your mind.

5. Swat II leather vest

If you are looking for a hot leather vest with a lot of style and appeal, you must consider this vest. This leather vest comprises of straps at the sides and a unique design near the shoulders. The front of the vest features a very neat design and looks quite remarkable with the zip closure.