Harley Davidson Leather Vest

The new collections of Harley Davidson leather vest: Something for everyone

The brand name ‘Harley Davidson’ and its leather jackets and vests have become a familiar name among general people, not only bikers. Even if you don’t have a Harley bike, a Harley Davidson leather vest or jacket is a must have. Bikers wear Harley Davidson leather vest or jacket to display their rugged attitude and masculinity. These vests are equally popular among men and women.

This season Harley Davidson has kept its design simple so that there is something for everyone. The leather vests are made of waterproof and wind resistant material with thermal lining for providing warmth and comfort in this cold weather. Men’s Foster leather vest is new this season. This black leather vest provides various options for layering, for example, over hoodie, T-shirt, woven shirt, etc. The vest is made up of matte leather, has a mandarin collar and waist tabs. Reflective material is also present for better visibility during riding. Apart from the four external pockets, there are large inner utility pockets also for keeping important belongings like wallet, mobile and keys. There is embroidery on the left pocket and on the back of the neck. The Swatt II leather vest is another style this season. Its unique feature is the side tabs that give perfect fit. This vest has perforated leather panel for better ventilation and so is very comfortable during rides. The shoulders are padded giving extra style and comfort. Leather patch is embossed at the back and on the chest, signature feature of Harley Davidson. The Tradition leather vest has been on trend for a long time. This v-necked leather vest has snap front, two slanted external pockets, and adjustable laces on the sides. The signature graphic of Harley Davidson is imprinted on the left chest. The Pathway leather vest also has side laces for customized adjustment. It has front snap closure, two external pockets and one inner pocket.

Women’s Harley Davidson leather vest includes the Luxe leather vest with leopard prints and laces. This v-necked vest is a sure jaw-dropper. There are dove and hammer rivets on the front and embroidered graphics and studs on the back. The Avenue leather vest is another style of women’s vest this season. Its side lacing looks very stylish. It has a metal badge on the front and graphics embroidered at the back. The Patches and Pins leather vest for women is a must have this season. The jacket has v-neck and the sleeves are curved providing ease of movement. This vest is ideal for adding pins and patches.

Harley Davidson leather vest symbolize fashion, toughness and masculinity. Other than being stylish, the vests are extremely functional too. These vests are made up of high quality leather and are thus tough enough to save you from major injuries. New technologies are also used which protects the bikers from dirt, dust and rain. It is often considered a fusion of technology and masculine attitude. Harley Davidson is a name of prestige and power. Ruggedness is the main feature of these vests. Top designers like Versace and Gaultier has worked on Harley Davidson outfits for its immense popularity. Harley Davidson brand is considered to be legendary. Even pop stars like Elvis Paisley had expressed his liking and inclination towards this brand. Harley Davidson’s popularity is simply unbeatable.