Yellow Motorcycle Jacket

Design Elements which you never saw in biker jackets: The fresh trends of this winter

Being cool on your motorcycle goes a long way with the newest trend in biker jackets this winter. In fact, there are design elements that you never before seen like a strikingly yellow motorcycle jacket with faux fur to boot. It’s quite surprising that most fashion circles love the unique sense of wearing quirky stuff apart from the conventional styles and colours we are accustomed to. So this winter, let us bring you something out of the ordinary.

Obnoxious coloured quilts

Since the last weeks of the previous year, we have brought you some hints on what to expect for the coming year. We have stated the magnificence of colourful variety on almost any jackets, which of course includes your favourite biker gear. Not only that, the quilted details brings more character to the very loud statement it shows.

Dense fabrics

Wearing wool fabrics for the winter is already a given. The heavy fleece is perfect with leather when in the middle of a snowy road this time of year. Designing biker gears for the winter has one constant goal and that is to give you maximum comfort before anything else.

Abundance of lavish fur

Biker gals have strutted their way this cold season by donning very fashionable leather jackets with fur trims and linings. A beautiful jacket can make you stand out anywhere you go with your road monster bike!

Bomber bummer

It isn’t new to you that this classic jacket is worn for the cockpit-ready aviators. Naturally, when you’re also ready to roar the engines of your mean machine, this bomber classic is really a must to have and to wear. This season has fused textures on leather such as knitted cuffs and hems, wool for the entire lining and fur for the hoods.

Luxe appeal

There is always something luxurious when it comes to all types of leather jackets. But one stands out from the other when the hides are from the finest source. The softest and most buttery texture is made out of goatskin and lamb. This winter, motorcycle jackets with this delicate leather are provided with several linings of cold-proof fabrics to make way for subtlety without compromising your comfort.

Cropped to bottom

If you haven’t seen anything like it, the short and stylish biker jacket is made to look like a bomber with its cropped details. It’s almost boxy in nature, but that’s how fashion dictates this winter. This can give way to your flair for layering clothes underneath. Show it off with by donning something short and stylish for the outerwear.


When everywhere you go has a very thick snowy ground, don’t you feel it’s time to put on your thickest jacket? It may not be your most stylish outdoor fashion, but the added strength and coverage of highly insulated biker jacket is apt for now.


This season leans a lot on varsity inspired jackets. Motorcycle gears come up with distinctly designed jackets that would remind you of multi-coloured sporty cover-ups seen on sports tournaments. For this particularly cold climate, the shielded fabrics will let you enjoy being outside with no worries.


Moto jackets for die-hard fanatics can’t be without this wardrobe staple. The studded metal elements on leather bring out the edginess in every personality whether or not you’re a shy type kind of gal who won’t be seen in a yellow motorcycle jacket.