White Motorcycle Jacket


The concept of biker jackets as the name suggests initially came up to serve the need for bikers as part of their biker gear. The aim was to come up with a jacket that could cover up and provide safety. The look was adorned by movie stars in their bike scenes and became so popular and well accepted because of its simplicity and sophistication that biker jackets then made their way from the biker gear category to the fashion wear as well. Over time we have seen various changes and new styles getting infused in the traditional biker jackets. Some changes lasted while others couldn’t make it to the next season. However, the fact of matter remains that each season we witness new collections of biker jackets make their way which reflects that there is lot of potential in this outer wear and it can never be out of season.

Let’s have a look below on what new styles and trends have made their way and gotten incorporated in the traditional biker jackets and what are the main styles that your biker jacket needs to have in order to be in for all seasons.


The biggest change in conventional biker jackets which has given them a new dimension, diversity and a completely different look is the deviation from the traditional black color. Nowadays you can see many bike riders wearing biker jackets other than black. Many people just do not consider and accept biker jackets in any color other than black and the deviation in color has probably been the biggest breath of fresh air in changing biker gear trends. White motorcycle jacket, red biker jackets, blue and brown jackets are few new colors that have come up along with black. Black no doubt still remains popular and reigns supreme in the biker wear trend, but the different colors particularly white and red have been the biggest trend setters so far.


The original biker jackets were made in leather and till date leather is the most popular biker jacket fabric. However, a number of new fabrics also came up as part of new biker jacket styles. Some succeeded in making their mark while others failed to get any attention among the bikers. Suede and fur jackets are also in now and adorned by many who want to look different and stand out from the traditional leather jackets wearers. Moreover, we also saw trends combining two materials like fur front with leather sleeves etc.

Moreover, another trend which was different and unique and accepted by few and discouraged by others was that of biker jackets adopting printed materials like leopard prints, checks and jacquard styles etc.


There have been countless variations in stitching styles of biker jackets over the years. A white motorcycle jacket with quilted front and sleeves, studded brown leather jackets, heavily embellished jackets or the traditional embroidered black leather jacket are just few of the styles which gained some prominence. Collar styles from round to tapered, with and without epaulettes, buttoned fronts or zipped front are few of the variations in style that have been associated with biker jackets.

Keeping all these variations in mind, the key is to remember that what you go for should be according

To your physique, comfort and the ability to carry that style along with the pertaining weather conditions. Going for a heavy double layered fur and leather jacket in hot summers would be a busted idea.  Keep in mind all styles, be sophisticated but do not over do.