Red Motorcycle Jacket


Having invested in a cool motorcycle to make your life adventurous and thrilling, it is equally important to match the sophistication of your bike with your motorcycle gear. Since it is important to spend on the biker gear in order to ensure a safe ride, why not incorporate some fashion into this buy and make it up to date with the season’s latest trends? There are multiple brands out there to catch your attention that each year come up with something new and sophisticated that can enhance your safety gear and make you stand out from the crowd. Starting right from the helmets down to biker boots, there are new variations and added style to make your bike rides memorable and stylish at the same time. This season particularly is all about bright hues and fashionable cuts. We discuss below the new motorcycle gear in season for all those crazy and adventure loving bike freaks out there.

1. Colored Biker Jackets

Yes it cannot be denied that a black leather jacket is a classic biker gear that is stylish and rugged at the same time. It is the most popular item that almost every biker owns and has also made its way from the biker wear shelves to normal fashion wear as well. However, this season is all about experimentation and winters always ask for bright hues other than deep blues and blacks. Invest in a red motorcycle jacket and you will not be disappointed. It is the in-thing this season. Refrain from going for heavy embellishments or studded jackets. A simple plain bright or deep red biker jacket with zipped front and zipped pockets is what this season demands. You can change this with a something on the blue or green side if not a big red fan.

2. Simplicity Is the Key

Gone are the heavily embroidered and too much studded jacket days. Less is more now. Don’t reveal to people that you have an age old wardrobe by adorning one of those black jackets with huge big embroidery on the back or excessively embellished epaulettes and heavily studded sleeves. Keep it simple and minimal this season and focus on good bright colors, neat fits and stylish cuts.

3. Saying No to Leather Pants

This season is all about saying no to the conventional biker styles even though they never fail to look un-trendy. Slim fit denims are a good choice to pair with colored biker wear like a red motorcycle jacket and something non- black like an olive green or a charcoal grey is good and handy enough to serve your bike rides as well as other casual gatherings.

4. Colored Is In; Not for Helmets & Gloves Though

Never in your riding career should you opt for colored gloves as they look quite cheesy and childish instead of chic. Black gloves or a black and white combination is all that you ever need in order to pair with all sorts of apparels. With the colored jackets in this season, you need to use your same old neon colored helmets that you used to pair with the black leather jackets. Proper contrasting is ever so essential. With a colored jacket, the look will be completed with a black helmet. Do not over experiment.

5. Leather Mid-Calf Boots

How can a biker’s look be complete and stylish without some leather being there? Complete your look of all above things with sturdy and smart black leather mid-calf boots. They would contrast well with the grey/olive green denims and mid-calf length will suit the weather as well.

So go out, rebrand your wardrobe and come up with the look that this season demands.