Motorcycle Clothing

Top 5 popular biker clothing from famous brands of this season

How do we clearly distinguish premium motorcycle clothing apart from other brands? If you are contemplating on getting one this season, you need to know what the brand is actually trying to convey. Are you a fan of Japanese motorbikes like Honda and Suzuki? Or the European classes of big bikes like Ducati and BMW? But of course, the list can’t be without the American legendary brand of Harley Davidson apparels. Let’s find out what’s new with these big and tough names in the motorcycle industry.


Honda has been famous for a long time as the most reliable motorcycle for every one. They make apparels that are highly functional and affordable for those who own a big bike at any range of class.Honda makes very attractive jersey biker clothing for men and women. Ladies get overwhelmed as they discover a wide range of biker stuffs specially designed for her. After all, it’s not just men who owns and ride a big bike. In fact, more women go to work with their smaller version of motorcycles, which will definitely need appropriateclothes to wear with. 


Probably known for their street bikes, which are functional for the daily grind of delivering, running errands and going about any street corner.Aside from jackets, this brand also has a collection of long sleeve shirts ideal for warm climates. There are even hooded sweatshirts in case it suddenly rains. When you’re seriously out on the streets almost every day, wouldn’t you wear a shirt, pants and footwear that are highly functional yet not so expensive right? Most of the time, you’ll get mud, dust, dirt and all the other outside elements coming from the outdoor anyway.


The emblem says it all. It has the three letters on it that spells luxury whichever way you look at it. And that’s how they make their big bikes and motorcycle clothing. There is not much better way to strut your money than wearing this brand from head to foot. From jackets, pants, boots, raingear and helmets, walk the mile with the famous emblem on it. Whatever bike you have, there should be no stopping you from wearing any brand of apparel that’s out there. You can choose from the most humble name to the most extravagant one as long as it pleases you.


Better known as the Ferrari of motorcycles, need we say more? When you’re a fan of racing and high speeds, there is no better way than to go out there in style! Ducati’s micro fibre racer jackets, leather gloves, belts and caps are just among the many biker apparel that this brand is sought for. Wearing something for the fast lane will keep you and those around you in check.

Harley Davidson

Would anyone ask why it’s a favourite among folks who want the taste of freedom? There isn’t much explaining here. It’s simply not all about their motorbikes these days. Their wide selections of motorcycle clothing make it so popular even for those who don’t have a bike! This brand is famed for their statement filled black tee shirts that’s perfect for cruising the highways over your sturdy black leather jacket to match! Just don’t forget that since its winter, count on the fleece linings and thick layers of thermal nylon fabrics underneath those stylishly designed biker clothing!