Ladies Motorcycle Clothing

Ladies Biker clothing- elegance and safety attributes of this season

Legendary biker enthusiasts know that aside from safety, ladies motorcycle clothing has attributes for elegant designs. Round the clock schedules outdoor leaves them exposed to all the weather related elements that should arise. Ladies biker wear are designed uniquely to enhance feminine shapes and curves that are generally far from menswear collection. This season, we bring you the hottest clothing for real biker chic women out there.

A handful of leather

Your hand is sometimes neglected as a significant part in riding a motorbike. But these pair of precious ones is what you use to hold the handlebars to take control. Ladies biker gloves are made of thick leather with fine details like fringes, studs and zips to suit your taste. You can opt for Velcro closure if you want to slip it fast and easy.


When you’re on a bike, donning a complete biker look goes to more than just a jacket for the top. You will look amazing with leather midriff tops in tank and halter styles. Once you takeoff your outerwear, your chic fashion sense continues to allure those around you. There are peplum sleeveless leather blouses as well as bustier tops that you may also want to try.


Fringed vests are hot this season. The west end inspiration thrives this winter with the ladies motorcycle clothing apparels. There are beaded designs that are uniquely designed with meticulous and tasteful patterns. The bursting colours on the beads are good enough to wear until the upcoming spring and summer season, as the vests are more likely your choice when the climate turns warm.

Biker chaps

A motorcycle get up isn’t complete without a biker chap to protect your legs and rear. The delightful new colours in bright shades are worth craving for. Fringes that hang freely certainly pass all season trends as well as the studded varieties for that edgy chic attitude. Other than the classic black, there are red, yellow, green and pastel shades to enchant you in this winter’s collection of leather chaps.

Racing jackets

Whether you opt for leather or the lightweight mesh nylon fabrics, a racer jacket is an important part of ladies motorcycle clothing. These stylish protective jackets fit perfectly on you with the laced side waist features. That way, you can make several adjustments for a snuggly feel. Two colour or striped combinations make this season’s best choice for racer gear. You can enjoy this type of style as more and more biker apparels are made especially for women.

Leather motorcycle jackets

The most distinct staple to a biker wardrobe is none other than a biker jacket. This season has plenty of fringe designs that are fashioned in a poncho style over a jacket. This gives a feminine silhouette with gathered waists even for the mesh varieties. Winter collections come with detachable layers of lining such as fleece and other cold resistant fabrics to ensure comfort.

We know that clothing is an important expression of your personality. It shows your passion for life and as well as how you value functionality. When you go to your next bike meet ups and biker related events, we are certain that you’ll shine. For us, safety and luxury need not be expensive. Redefining its sense of meaning lets you discover that there are so many thrills in wearing the newest gears for this season.