Cold Weather Motorcycle Gear

What to wear in the harsh winter: the must have for biker gears this season

The winter season is the top choice for most of the bikers for biking, in which the bikers need to protect themselves from the harsh weather conditions. In order to protect from the harsh cold during this season, it is important that the bikers along with maintaining their style also protects their body by selecting the best biker gear. Cold weather motorcycle gear will not just protect bikers from the chilly winds, but also protect them from the injury in case of any accident while riding.

Motorcycle jacket

The leather jackets are the most preferable due to its thickness, durability and ability to give more warmth than any other fabric jackets. The leather jackets along with providing protection to the body also look classy. It will protect the upper body portion including chest, shoulders, elbow and back from the cold winds, debris and rubbing. Some jackets are padded at the elbow, shoulders and back, which can protect from abrasion if met with an accident. Some jackets are also available with the inline thermal attached to the leather jacket. Many such varieties of jackets with the different style and features are offered by the retailers.

Leather vest

Leather vest are the sleeveless leather jackets which can be worn alone with the shirt. There is much trend for the vest as it looks very stylish. In the extreme weather condition, it can also be worn under the leather jacket, giving rider the double protection against the wind. Also if there is sudden change in the weather and you are feeling hot, but don’t want to go without protection, then only leather vest with the shirt will be fine. Diverse range of leather vest with different cut and design are in rage among men and women. Some vests are also decorated with the fashionable studs, which can be worn as the outerwear.


The head is very vital and sensitive part of the body, thus the helmet becomes the foremost element of the cold weather motorcycle gear. During accident, head injury can be prevented by wearing helmet. The selection of helmet is very crucial. It should be of good quality and strong enough to protect the biker’s skull on falls from the bike. Helmet can be full faced or the half faced, but the full faced helmet with the front flipped visor is more preferable. It can give more effective protection and is comfortable for the biker to make it half and full face as per his requirement without removing it. Thus the full face helmet protects not only head, but also the nose, eyes, jaws etc.


While biking, the hands get dry and freeze due to the cold winds and thus creating lots of problem in driving. When driving for long distance at one go, the sweat also develops in the hand and thus loosing grip from the accelerator. Wearing leather gloves protects the rider from all problems. The variety of leather gloves with different design and style are available for both men and women in different colors. Some gloves are ventilated, which contains holes within it. Some gloves are fingerless and cover just the palm. They are designed in such a way that the air do not enter form the sleeves and comes with adjustable handcuff.

Leather pants and chaps

After protecting the upper body, it is equally important to protect the legs by wearing leather pants and leather chaps over it. Leather is tough and is more resistant to the wind and abrasion, thus protecting the legs from the chilly winds and also prevents from chafing during any road accidents. Leather chaps gives double benefits against such problems, as it worn on the leather pants with the buckles hanging over the trouser. There are variety of leather chaps  available in the market and for girls wide range of colors are also available, which can be well suited with their jackets and other accessories.

Leather boots

The cold weather motorcycle gear also includes leather boots, which are durable, comfortable and resistant to wind, oil, abrasion. Long distance biking for long duration brings pain in the foot, so to avoid pain; the leather shoes with the proper fit is suitable. It also protects the feet from the cold wind, which normal shoes cannot. The bikers are also prone to toes injury, thus leather boots with the steel toed are available, which prevents the hurting of their feet while road accidents.. The tall boots are also available and are much in vogue among the riders, which covers the pant portion and giving double protection from abrasion during accident.

With all such benefits, cold weather motorcycle gear are must for the bikers while biking.