Brown Leather Motorcycle Jacket

What’s new in motorcycle jacket design and technology trends this season-the 5 top jackets

Motorcycle jackets are meant for the protective purpose, but along with the protection it has also became the important outerwear for creating the fashion statement. The design and technology in motorcycle jacket keeps on evolving from year to year. Black and brown leather motorcycle jacket remain the top choice among both men and women.

Armored leather motorcycle jacket

Such jackets are made with the main purpose of protection with the removable armors at the elbow, shoulders and the lower and upper back. Certain jackets also have extra padding to provide double safety. Those jackets are made up of premium quality thick cow hide and also having zipper pockets to store bikers belonging and the zipper air vents for the free movement of air.

Vintage leather motorcycle jacket

There is much trend for the vintage style black and brown leather motorcycle jacket. Some jackets have diagonal zip, drop down collars with pressed stud and side zip pocket. Some fade brown color jackets with the classic lining and two pockets at the chest looks very cool. Some jackets also have line detailing on whole jacket and sleeves with the double snap button collar. Some vintage style jackets also have big flap pockets at the front.

Quilted leather motorcycle jacket

The motorcycle jackets with the different quilted designs are very much in vogue among both men and women. In men, partial quilted patterned jackets are more in fashion than the full quilted jacket. The pattern may be on sleeves, back, or not shoulders. The rib quilted is more prevalent in the men’s jacket. Such pattern looks more elegant on the black and brown leather motorcycle jacket, while in ladies jackets quilted pattern on other color jackets like blue, yellow, white etc are more prevalent.

Slim leather motorcycle jacket

For men, those jackets are usually short and body fitting than other style of jackets. Such jackets really look cool on the slim person when matched with the denim and leather belt. These type of jacket with the high neck consisting of buckled belt, zip at the centre, pockets at the front and pressed buttoned fashionable epaulets at the side of the jacket are in much trend. Some slim fit jackets are also available with the diagonal zip and the adjustable belt at the waist. Some jackets also have epaulets at the shoulders and zippered side pockets with the classic lining details. Short stand up collared jacket with the quilted pattern also look stylish. In this type, black andbrown leather motorcycle jackets look more adorable with the pair of leather shoes.

Funnel neck leather jackets

There is increasing trend for the funnel neck leather jackets. Such jackets are more prevalent among ladies and are available in many different colors. Usually such jackets are simple with few line details and have broad oversized collars with the diagonal or the central zip and two side zip pockets. Some jackets with three fourth sleeves and button at the centre also look chic. Some jackets are long coats with the drape belt at the waist and it looks pretty when paired up with the skinny denims or leggings. In men, small funnel neck leather jacket with classic lining and pockets at the front are more in fashion.

Thus there are different styles of motorcycle leather jacket to select from, which suits your style and personality.