Armored Motorcycle Jacket

Motorcycle jacket and its evolution: whats new in armored biker jackets this season?

As the winter arrives, the bikers get ready for their road trip on their bike. To protect their body from the wind and road accidents, motorcycle gears and accessories is must for the bikers. Many motorcycle jackets are available in the market like basic designs, which are resistant to the wind but do not ensure protection to the body. Armored motorcycle jacket are also introduced with the advanced technology in which there is inbuilt armors that gives protection to the biker’s body parts.

Every season, the designers come with improved features, which give maximum comfort and protection to the bikers and also maintain their style. Some jackets are made up of buffalo skin, which are tough, thick and durable. It is collar less with the tab button and zip at the centre. For storing their valuables, the jackets are also having big zippered pockets at the two sides of the jacket. It also contains doubled tab button along with the vertical zip at the wrist cuff, so that the chilly air do not enter from the sleeves. They are also equipped with the armors at the elbow and shoulders to protect them from chafing during any road accident. It also contains inbuilt insulating polyester lining and zipper vent for the movement of the air.

Other type of armored motorcycle jacket has more advanced features. They are made up of premium quality animal hide with the classic lining and elastic detailing at the back side on the shoulders and elbows. With the advanced features, it assures more protection than the previously designed jackets. It has zipper air vents, two at the front near shoulders, another at the both sleeves and third at the back on both right and left side. it has removable armor at the shoulders, elbows and at the back with the extra padding at the elbows, upper and lower back.

Some jackets along with all features, also have built in gun pockets with snap button and the reflective piping at the back for the clear visibility during night drive. Bikers, who are conscious with their jacket styling then they can also opt for the armored motorcycle jacket, which has vintage look with the diagonal zip, flap tab button pocket and the adjustable waist belt. Such jackets have the pockets at the elbows and shoulders where the armors can fit in.Those jackets have classic lining, graphics design at the back of the jacket, embroidery or quilted pattern. Thus such jackets keep balance between the biker’s protection and their style at the same time.

Some armored motorcycle jacket provides protection to full body and it not only protect from the wind but also protect your body from the jerks experience during the bike riding. There is full support from the neck to the pelvic region and enables free movement of the body parts.

Such motorcycle jackets are also designed for the ladies with the body fit and the same features.  Many jackets are designed with the beautiful graphics made of nice combination of colors in contrast of jacket color, which gives bold and sturdy look to the bikers. They are mostly found in black color and the design and the technology used for designing such jackets is still evolving, which can give maximum benefits and comfort while driving.