Leather Mini Skirt

10 Leather Skirts for Every Size and Budget: The Choices you have this Season

Since leather clothing is a piece of apparel that gives you a stylish, chic look, it is something you should definitely have in your closet. Leather jackets and other accessories have always been in fashion, but since the last few years, leather mini skirt has become a necessary part of clothing in order to make the lady look confidently modish. This season too, like the previous ones, saw some changes in the styles and the design that the skirt is worn. The experimentation is being conducted out not only with patterns and cuts, but also with the shades of leather.

1)      On top of the list, this year too, stays the leather mini skirt that fits lightly around the upper thigh portion. Its length is small and the fitting is according to the thigh size. Prominent zippers on the sides of the skirt add to its style. Although it is fitted but slightly A-lined at the finishing edge.

2)      Another design of the miniskirt that scored a top position is the overlapped skirt. From either the front or the right side of the skirt, two ends overlap each other. Sometimes the overlapping panels are stitched together from underneath and have hidden buttons on the inside someplace else to help put on the skirt. Some skirts have buttons under the panels which can be buttoned up according to the desired fitting.

3)      A major hit this season remains a leather mini skirt which is straight and slightly longer than the first category. It does not have a zipper for the front opening; rather large brass buttons that run along the pallet.

4)      A pleated mini skirt made in plates is also quite in demand this year. It has a large frock-like flare which ends up in plates at the waistline. Because of its larger width it is much more comfortable and is mostly included in the casual wear.

5)      An extension of the above mentioned style this year is a skirt which is fitted till the thighs. Then comes a prominent seam and from underneath it extends an A-line leather skirt stitched into the seam in the form of pleats.

6)      A mini skirt having frills also saw the ramp this year. This particular skirt has layers of three to four frills made out of leather. It comes in various lengths also.

7)      Another popular design this season is a leather mini skirt which is A-line and simple except for two slightly diagonal pockets on both sides. These pockets can be zipped shut, buttoned up or can just remain open mouthed.

8)      An interesting mini skirt gained popularity and is now seen a lot. The front zipper of the opening is not vertical; it runs diagonally all along till the end. It is a large sized zip either of a silver or a golden color so that it is prominent from far off.

9)      All the above mentioned skirts end way above the knees. But this year, knee length skirts, called the pencil skirts, are also fashionable.

10)   Wearing only black colored miniskirts is a cliché. There is a very wide variety of skirts made out of brown leather. Those should also be tried on. They look great with denim jackets, especially if you wish to dress up casually.

All these skirts are available in various sizes and alterations. Mostly all of the brands are producing such skirts so you can choose from a large line of varying prices.