Motorcycle Saddlebags

The motorcycle saddlebags design trends- How costly is a customized saddlebag

Saddle bags have been a popular item among cruiser riders and it still is. Motorcycle saddlebags vary in design, shape and sizes and with the fact that how branded your ride is. Saddlebags do come cheap, undeniably. But in case you have a state of the art, magnificent ride, rest assured throwing over a cheap saddlebag for your requirements is going to cost your dignity. That is why you should know if you can get a customized saddle bad matching without needing to sell your kidney in black market. Now there are various ranges and various shapes and sizes which were added to the trend of saddle beaver since motorcycles got revolutionized. Here we have for your information some of the latest and trendiest so far. If you are going to ride out for business you might as well do it stylishly.

1.Throw over saddlebags: Made for classic rides and working men who ride them in style, you can these in ranges starting from $250 to pretty expensive ones depending on the custom changes that you make. These are convenient for storage and can be removed for transport.The special feature of this design is the attached double bags throw able on both sides of the bike. Mostly all throw over saddlebags come with quick mount system that makes it easier to attach and detach the saddlebags. You will get saddlebags with supporting systems and the best of all is it comes with a shoulder strap so it doubles as a carry bag when you need it off the bike and with you.

2. Locking Leather Covered Rigid Saddlebags:

These saddlebags are one sided and there is a lot of variation of the same design, you can get raindrop, leather, buckled, chained any variety that suits and personifies your motorcycle. A moderately customized model in this would come around $200 to $300. The lids are designed to open outwards. For extra security measures you can get a locked version of these in the same price range. Utility, practicality and style customized to suit your whatever business you are in.

3. Distressed Brown Leather Saddlebags

The vintage look of distressed leather is always in. and the features show even more prominently on brown leather. They are same as the locking leather models, but the material sets it apart specially. Suitable to be the side kick of your customized ride and definitely a worthy pair up at that. Holding capacity of these bags would be pretty good. The leather ages beautifully to make the vintage look simply elegant and authentic. Despite being made of worn out aged leather the bags come in pretty tough because of the rigid back construction that supports the bags.

4. Sport Saddlebags

You don’t get more customized than handcrafted. As the name suggests, these range of saddlebags supports a range of sports bikes so you can damn well be confirmed these were made to impress. A moderately good saddle bag of the same category will come somewhere near $400. And at this rate for a saddlebag which was made for a sports bike association, we can tell you the deal is a steal!The side bags can be easily attached and detached. These motorcycle saddlebags Comes with additional mounting support when you want it strapped to yourself and not your bike. You can get features such as dual zip opening, rain covers.