Leather Saddlebags

The exclusive line of saddlebags this season: What's hot this season

Tired of your bike’s worn out look or simply not satisfied how mundane your badass bike looks with the utilitarian but unpleasant to the eyes saddlebag clinging to the side of your bike? Jazz it up with the top notch high quality leather saddlebags that are a talk of the fashion street and hot this season. Why carry the same boring look when you can go full on retro or vintage, warrior or tech smart with these great new trendy leather saddlebags. Check out what’s hot this season we have for your riding pleasure.

1. Side& Top Case

You can go full Tom Cruise mission impossible secure with these designs, be assured. Sleek and made of stainless steel these are enforced to withdraw strong impacts but all the while is an elegant accessory for you bike nonetheless. You can mount it easily with detachable buckles. One thing you need to check before you buy one of these beauties is the cargo opening. Since this fits for both top and side mount, it should be specialized with side case so that the contents don’t fall out when opened from top. Best feature we will say is that you can mount it from top or side based on you need. Volume varies from 30 to around 50 liters which is great for your convenience. You can remove only the top to take out small items.

2. Tech Side Case

For the tech savvy guys out there the level of innovativeness will definitely impress you. The look is completely different and gives aerodynamic edges to your ride while improving performance. But don’t think this design masterpiece is going to cost you some in space adjustment, these come in around 30 to 35 liter holding capabilities.Rugged and savvy for your convenience. The design withstands heavy load and impact so you can load it up to the fullest and start on the road. The extra advantage of hard leather saddlebags keeps the frame from ever getting sagged.

3. Warrior Saddlebags

Yes you are reading us correctly, for the action fans out there these vintage numbers will be a perfect fit for feeding your fantasy and rudiments.  The material is black leather and made to look battle hardy with fringes and Conchos and studs. But that’s all visage, don’t worry about how it will fit to perform. Interior has stiffeners to retain shape and contains padlocked system for security. Has all the features you could want in your warrior worthy style.

4. Giant Loop Saddlebags

Hands down the makers of this one. It’s like a backpack for you bike. Perfect fitting for all the bikes which has a backseat. You attach the sides to the footrest of the backseat and get ready to go. The capacity tops almost all other makes and models which ranges from 60 to 70 liters. Since it attaches to the footrest mounting and un-mounting are unbelievably easy. Although the material is soft like a backpack, the makers made sure it can withstand solid load. Comes with additional mesh pockets for keeping fuel bottles. It is made waterproof inside out with removable liner. And guess what, you get luggage racks with this stunner. All the features of hard leather saddlebags with none of the disadvantages like the extra weight. Carry it on you passenger seat and have a great ride.