Hard Saddlebags

6 TOP branded saddle bags for bikers this season

Do you think there is anyone better than the experts who made your ride for designing a suitable saddlebag for your bike?Think again with the fabulous new entries that has made a name and fame in the trend street. Brands are now designing customized saddle bags for every series of their bike, so do not worry about whether a particular brand and design will fit your bike or not. There is something for everybody, so take a ride to the stores and check it out for yourself.Hard saddlebags are the quintessence of working class men everywhere and now we have for your convenience designs that will keep up with your marvelous motorcycle.

1. Slanted and Studded Motorcycle Saddlebags for the Harley Sportsterseries

This one is made for the Sportster series by Harley Davidson. The reason these became quickly popular because it comes with a stud matching your bike if you are into those things. But that’s just visage, it comes with several other working features which will be absolutely essential for urgency. These hard saddlebags are durable and hardy. The reinforced body and lid prevents the bags from sagging and keeps it lasting long. Great shock absorbent due to reinforced ABS plastic and weather resistant. The side Velcro keeps the inside contents protected.

2. Braided Medium Motorcycle Saddlebags

Made for the Vulcan series from Kawasaki, these bad boys are water and weather proof. But that is given considering the brand’s epic reputation. What sets it apart from other bags on the market are, the metal frame integrated to withstand shock and reinforced plastic that keeps the shape of the bags intact for a long amount of time. Easily attachable and detachable. They come in different styles such as throw-over and hard mount so customize to fit your style. Side Velcro keeps your essentials protected in the roomy inside.

3. Armored and Shock Cutout Studded Motorcycle

Specialized for the Aquila series from Hyosung these a masterpiece in hard saddlebags. The body is made of fiberglass and enforced to withstand heavy shock with contour.For extra protection it comes with a built in lock, attachable and detachable. Comes in throw-over designs.

4. Slanted Leather Covered Motorcycle Hard Saddlebags

This one is made for the Boulevard series by Suzuki. The design is special because of the fiber glass body that is covered by weather proof leather and inside hinges, giving the bad a dynamic vibe. For extra protection you have one hell of a locking mechanism. Inside of the bags is lined with leather to intercept your luggage from rattling against the impressive fiber glass body.

5. Interstate Motorcycle Saddlebags

This one is for the Valkyrie series of Honda. And to justify the name it is a true rebellion on wheels. This is not a buy, it’s an investment. Water and weather proof and made of reinforced ABS plastic which will make the scratches far away for a long duration.Comes with a state of the art locking system. The Velcro protects the insides and keeps the bag airtight. The attaching and detaching buckles are quick and easy to operate.

6. Dynamite Studded Motorcycle Saddlebags

Made for the Raider series from Yamaha and a pure brilliant design at that.Fits all the models of the series and good for other models too. The stitching is rot resistant, the body and lid is reinforced plastic, quick operating buckles and great interior deign with pockets of mesh.