Bike Saddle Bags

The new trends and styles of biker saddle bag - The most popular ones

There are times when you need to carry a little more than the occasional comb and sunglasses. For men who need to ride not only for pleasure and adventure, but for business, have no worry the rides you are taking to work will find a worthy counterpart for your utility with the brand new designs of saddlebags that are coming to the market. Who says you can’t ride in style with the jetlag of a saddlebag. Check out these designs new and hot in the market to fit your need.

1. Compact Slant Saddlebags

The best feature of these side bags apart from the impeccable slanted design is fact that you can fit these over your seat or under based on your need. Fits perfectly underneath the seats of most motorcycles. These bike saddle bags have adjustable yoke so you can fit them according to the height of your bike. Other than these key features you can get silver Concho studs, handles that is fit to carry both bags at once etc. but all these vary according to the brand you are buying.

2. Hard Mount Saddlebags

If you need huge impact durability these are the designs for you. Perfect for guys who keep carrying confidential documents and valuable stuff around because this also comes with unbelievable locking system. Since security is what is the motto behind this design the frame is also reinforced with gussets to retain the shape of the bag for long.

3. Tattoo Saddlebags

Break out the punk in you with these tattooed bike saddle bags. Maybe you can’t get a tattoo that screams badass, but your saddle bag sure can. You have to check out the designs out there for yourself to decide which is more your statement. But this is not purely deco rational. It comes with all other working features of other bike saddle bags. Features such as throw-over design and removable and adjustable yoke is pretty standard.  You can get brackets for support and heavy duty locked buckles in each of the bags. To top it all up you get these is different colors. Break and make you own style.

4. Deluxe Saddlebags

Yokes are easily installable and detachable and comes with saddlebag supports which you can get with the bag or can buy separately. The forward pivoting lid opens wide to give great inside access. The lid is layered and openings are zippered coverable by weather flaps that you can secure with mini padlocks. The frame is reinforced to hold heavy load and withstand impact. These bike saddle bags come in throw over styles   in which you can add your own release kit to keep it mounted rigidly to your bike. Fit for all kinds of motorcycles and looks great while being a great value for you money.

5. Slant and Custom-Fitted Saddlebags

A distant cousin to the Compact Slant Saddlebags in the sense of design and style. But these slanted beauties you can customize for your bike which may cost a few extra bucks but will be worth your money on the long run if you are looking for a study ride. You get these is different sizes so choose the one that fits your need.  The backside is strong and great for custom mounting on your bike. Materials vary from reinforced ABS plastic to vinyl for the frame. The security system is twist-locks with hooks. The construction is like that of a hard saddle bag and the leather straps allow keeps your stuff safe.