Womens Motorcycle Pants

The top biker outwear to wear this season: The 5 popular biker pants for women

Biker take of new cold season’s conception have been already demonstrated on all known runways. Upgraded biker jackets and pants made of natural and faux leather made a splash in a fashion community and the trend was immediately brought into masses. Of course, manufacturers of motorcycle gear for women did everything they could to make their production no worse than designers’ creations conquering the catwalks. A lot of attention was paid to women’s motorcycle pants which are often undeservedly neglected by female riders. The thing is than models for real bikers usually differ from items demonstrated on catwalks: they are more voluminous and may spoil the figure visually. Clever cut of new models provides free movement without producing a sloppy look. There are 5 most popular biker pants for women which have already become must haves:

1. Slim cut biker jeans

Denim women’s biker pants are extremely fitting this season. Creators of women’s motorcycle gear used modern and quality materials to bring the female riders’ dream come true: sturdy fabric combined with synthetic fibers and Kevlar allow producing slim fit and, at the same time, flexible enough garments for riding which emphasize sexuality and femininity of women’s figures. Besides, the prices of these garments are usually quite affordable. The customers have highly appreciated the model presented by Kateville Jeans with its minimalistic design and flattering cut, UglyBROS’ new example with ribbed panels and diamond patterns, Drayko’s street style variant with fray effect and a great many of other models. For extra comfort most of new models feature detached padding which makes them far more universal.

2. Flattering leather pants

Traditional leather pants for female riders have also changed this season. They became more flattering, minimalistic in details and more elegant than ever before.  The new collection of Alpinestars called Vika line may become a good example. Slim fit, even tight women’s motorcycle pants, presented by this time-checked manufacturer, boast fashionable design and all essential features which are demanded for a good pair of biker trousers. This unusual combination of traditional material, advanced technique and trendy look became one of the most popular biker pant models this season.

3. Sporty like textile motorcycle pants

If you prefer textile models, this season motorcycle gear producers offer a great many of them. Such models are a little less tear resistant than genuine leather but, in their turn, fabrics are easy to work out, light weighing and allow creating a lot of shapes and colors. Women’s gear designers used these features in full and presented flattering models with combinations of contrast colors, prints and embroidery. This winter you may find a matching pair of pants to any of your jackets and helmets choosing from catalogues of Scorpion, Alpinestars, Fly, Grateful Dead and a lot of other manufacturers.

4. Leather retro models

Biker style has already attained the distinguishing classical models. If you prefer spirited models of sixties or seventies you will definitely find anything for yourself if you choose from Icon’ gallery. Traditional black trousers slip fit at the waist and widened to the leg, classic leather chaps with feminine decoration remind us both of cowboys’ times and, at the same time, of crazy sixties when biker style experienced flourishing. Now such a purchase is quite a clever investment, because classics and retro are eternal styles which will always be demanded.

5. Unusual combinations of textures

To combine incompatible is one of this season’s slogans. Designers demonstrate that they follow the idea creating unusual sporty models featuring combinations of textile with leather and vice versa. Choosing such a thing you will easily team it with your leather jacket as well as with that made of fabric. Besides, you will also attract views to your stylish garment. As a conclusion, we have to say that this winter’s choice of women’s motorcycle pants, will allow any female biker pick just what she really wants.