Leather Trousers

What to wear with leather trousers: The tops for ladies

It is not a secret that leather has become the most popular natural material this winter. Jackets and coats, dresses and leather trousers made a splash after their emergency on all famous catwalks. If jackets and coats have been habitual pieces of women’s wardrobe for years, leather pants for women which entered fashion world only several decades ago often make fashionistas hesitate about choosing of appropriate tops and outerwear. This short guide is aimed to help you solve the problem of matching women’s trousers made of leather with companion things and creating harmonic and holistic look.

By the way, the general conception of your future look is the main criterion while choosing a top for your leather pants so you have to think it over carefully. This will definitely be useful because this winter you are free to pick one of hundred top models. Let us try to do the most popular and trendy matches together.

Tops for office or business like looks based on leather pants

It mustn’t surprise you that this fashion season women’s leather trousers are appropriate for creation of classic style looks. If you are going to use them this way, pick straight cut or slim cut but not too tight trousers with middle or high setting. Of course, blacks are most easy to match but if you want to try something new buy a pair of pastel green or blue, burgundy or brown, grey or olive pants.

The best matches for classical looks this winter are silky or chiffon blouses worn inside and decorated with frills or bows, simple cotton shirt like blouses, thin jerseys and turtlenecks. You may team them with thin knitted cardigans, textile jackets of classic palette, classic style vests. It is better to choose trousers and tops of the same tone and contrast jackets and cardigans or vice versa. As to blouses, if you prefer classic whites, you need to take into account that cream colored and beige tops are extremely trendy now.

Tops for casual looks

The gallery of casual looks is the most diversified this winter due to the great variety of casual style leather trousers created by famous couturiers. Every type of casual pants need appropriate category of tops.

For example, if you prefer bright colored, black or printed tight leather pants which have transformed into leather leggings this season, match them with knitted tunics, elongated sweaters and short dresses. Slim fashionistas with teenage type figures will look great in their black or monochrome leather pants combined with stylish printed sweatshirts. Printed tops are to be matched with monochrome bottoms or vice versa.

Oval shaped or flared from the hip models which are also greatly demanded this fashion season can be matched with short simple tops and sweaters, silky or chiffon monochrome and printed blouses worn inside, lacy turtlenecks. Such pant models demand quite simple but elegant tops so examine fashion catalogues carefully to find some stunning novelty which will remain relevant for several future seasons.

Spirited, vintage and extravagant looks

If you are brave enough and like to attract views, create one of unusual and edgy looks which can be built with the help of leather trousers and stylish tops.

One of the most popular biker girlfriend’s look based on biker style leather pants demands such tops as rough monochrome knitted sweaters, black, grey, brown or navy turtlenecks and topically printed sweaters. Combined with leather or textile biker jackets and appropriate footwear, they will complete the spirited look most successfully.

Vintage style leather pants with wide belts are also demanded this winter. You may combine them with checked shirts and cowboy style jackets or go your own experiments which are so welcome this winter.