Leather Motorcycle Pants For Men

Branded biker pants - Who makes it to the top 5

There are different types and styles of biker pants such as leather and textile pants, gear for summer and winter riding, city and cross-country tours. Catalogues of biker gear online shop contain hundreds of models made of denim, genuine leather or synthetic fabrics, so it is quite difficult for a beginner to deal with this great choice. If we asked experienced bikers, they will definitely advice buying branded motorcycle pants. Manufacturers who value their reputation try to make really quality, protective and long serving things. Popularity of brands and their production is formed by real customers’ choice and it is never out of place to study the rating of products offered by a biker gear shop. Let us get acquainted with most popular branded leather motorcycle pants for men and observe their advantages or disadvantages.

1. Classic cut leather biker pants for men

In spite of emergency of numerous novelties, bikers still dwell their choice on classic spirited models. This season such pants are presented by Xelement, Biker’s Paradise and other brands. Trendy loose fit biker pants this winter are not as baggy as several seasons before. Now you can pick a lot of stylish models of oval-shaped silhouette or reminding classic style tailored trousers. Such trousers usually feature traditional 5 pockets, medium setting and modest decoration or no decorative elements at all. Such pants may be used either for riding or for making military and casual everyday looks.

2. Slim fit leather motorcycle pants

Sexy slim fit leather motorcycle pants for men are greatly demanded for young and athletic lovers of motor riding. They emphasize men’s muscular legs and express the unity of a biker and its iron horse. New technologies helped to make new cold season’s flattering models tight but not restricting due to advanced technologies of leather dressing and thoughtful cut. You may see a lot of examples decorated with embossing, inserts of suede or textile, perforation, zips, ribbed panels. Such trendy models were presented by Balmain, Belstaff, Diesel and many other manufacturers of biker and biker friendly pants foe men.

3. Men’s biker jeans

Slim fit jeans like those presented by Balmain are not going to loose their positions. Distresses fabric, ribbed panels for comfort and knee inserts for extra protection make them both a great urban style piece and a good thing for riding. A lot of interesting slim cut models with middle or low setting were presented by Dsquared, Ralph Laurent and Cavalli. They usually boast traditional ribbed panels, protective patches, zips and few rivets, dyed or faded effects.

4. Textile biker pants

Textiles of new level are widely used for leather pants’ manufacturing. They are quite light weighing, protective enough and allow producing the models of different colors and shapes. The hottest trend of textile biker pants is a sporty model with contrast stripes along the legs, contrast colored protective pads creating the effect of athletic body or bright colored stripes and inserts making the effect of shorts. This model is also loved by young fans of sport and riding. Trendy combinations of textiles and leather materials allow picking a pair to match your biker jacket perfectly well.

5. Biker jogging leather pants

Jogger pants are one of the most edgy trends this season which also influenced biker gear and biker style clothes. Free pants with high setting cuffed or laced at the foot are going to become this winter’s must have. Fashionable models of sand, beige, grey or brown color are greatly demanded either for bikers or for city fashionists.