Yamaha Jacket

The designs and trends of Yamaha jacket this winter: the must have ones

In this season there has been introduction of Yamaha jacket that are more comfortable, stylish and highly sophisticated.

Retro Yamaha jacket

The stylish Yamaha jacket is an improved version of the old school jacket. It has patches and graphics on the front and backside. In addition the sleeves have logos that are quite attractive. The jacket has rounded collars hence gives you comfort at all times. Moreover, the inner lining of the jacket is covered with viscose that gives you extra warmth. The outer side is made of genuine calf leather and therefore it is classified as one of the most durable leather jackets. The leather jacket is also diverse in that it can be worn to either casual or formal occasion. It is also appropriate for winter because of the extra comfort and safety it provides.

The classic Yamaha jacket

The sophisticated jacket is popular because of its uniqueness in terms of design and style. The leather jacket is made of high quality calf skin while the inner is made of polyester for extra comfort. The extra padding on the chest, shoulders, back and elbow ensures that you are safe while riding the motorcycle while the detachable hood offers both comfort and safety during winter. The leather jacket has zipped cuffs and lapels are well knit. Moreover, the front closure is zipped while the side pockets have flaps. The inner pockets have zippers and the straight collar ensures that you are always comfortable. In addition to that, the jacket is suitable for all occasions and it can be worn all year round because of its durability.

Traditional Yamaha jacket

In this season, the traditional jacket is more stylish because of the additional features it has. For instance, the leather jacket has buckles attached to the pants that are not only stylish but also gives you extra safety. Also, the ornamentation at the back of the jacket gives it the desired style and ensures that you stand out from the rest. Moreover, the distinct black color of the jacket ensures that you triumph in fashion and style. The frontier is zipped as well as the two side pockets. The cuffs and the waist are knitted while the lapels have a logo that distinguishes it from the rest of the leather jackets in the market.

Touring Yamaha jacket

The fashionable jacket is described as an aggressive type when it comes to protection and safety. The leather jacket has an inbuilt armor on the shoulder and the elbow that ensures you are always safe. Also, the back plate acts as an additional armor for safety purposes. For comfort reasons, the inner lining of the leather jacket is made of viscose. The hand pockets are flapped while the front closure is zipped. The collar is covered with faux leather that gives you comfort especially during winter.

Gearing Yamaha jacket

The exclusive leather jacket is popular because of the detachable hood that has removable insulation. The inner lining is made of polyester while the surface is made of full grain leather, making it more durable and flexible. The collar has a thick layer of faux fur and the front closure is buttoned. The diverse color selections available in the market include red, blue, black, pink, orange, grey and white. It is therefore suitable for either casual or formal occasion and can be worn during winter.