Suzuki Jackets

The accessories for bikers this season by Suzuki: the 5 most popular stuff

Suzuki jackets come in a variety of colors and designs and most of them are preferred by most of the bikers because of their perfection. There are variable types of these jackets in the market but there are those that rank among the top.

The Suzuki mesh leather jacket

The fashionable leather jacket is quite popular in this season because of the distinctive features that it has. The leather jacket has perforations hence characterized as a waterproof jacket. In addition, it has an armor that covers the shoulders and the elbows and this offers extra comfort and protection. The Suzuki logo at the front and on the lapels is out of this world since they distinctly identify the rider. Apart from the logo the cuffs and the waist are well knitted an indication that you will always be fashionable in this leather jacket. The rounded collar is proper because it ensures that the biker can easily wear the helmet and fix the detachable hood at all times. The frontier and the pockets are well zipped and the inner lining of the leather jacket is made of cotton that gives extra comfort and protection.

The synthetic wind proof Suzuki jacket

The sophisticated leather jacket is popular among most bikers because of its distinctive features. The Suzuki jacket is windproof and can therefore be worn to all occasions quite comfortably. Moreover it has perforations that make it waterproof. The advantage being waterproof is that it can be worn in all weather conditions like winter and summer. The leather jacket is made of pure leather while the inner lining is made of synthetic that is perfect for comfort and protection.

The Pure Suzuki leather jacket

It is described as the purest type because it is made of top quality leather and the fact that all its features are perfect for all bikers. The inner lining of the jacket is made of high quality synthetic that is removable and offers extra warmth when it is very cold. It also has a detachable hood whose inner lining is made of cotton and this always gives you comfort. The three outer pockets are zipped while the inner pocket is buttoned. In addition, the embroidery on the chest and the cuffs are distinctive an indication that you will be recognized from the rest of the bikers quite easily.

The Moto cross leather jacket

The Suzuki jackets are made of PU leather while the inner lining is made of viscose. The chest, back and the elbows are made of a protective armor that ensures you are both protected and highly comfortable. Moreover, the cuffs, the frontier and the side pockets are zippered. The lapels and the front chest have the Suzuki logo and there are variety of these jackets in different colors for instance the black and white, the blue, the black, the red among other distinctive colors that are described as fashionable.

Drop resistant leather jacket

The fashionable leather jacket is one of the best protective gears available in the market today. It is water resistant, wind proof and exclusively distinctive. Apart from being black in color, the leather jacket has a protective armor on the shoulders and the elbows while the waist has suspenders that are attached to the leather pants for protection.