KTM Jacket

KTM biker jackets: The top 5 models of this winter

KTM biker jackets are always trend setting and has been providing the riders comfortless and safety with style . The following are top 5 models of this winter

1) KTM's Mens Softshell Jacket

KTM's Mens Soft-shell Jacket is a great jacket which gives certain emphasis on Orange making it look elegant and chic. It can be very useful in chilly weather as it is light enough to carry and warm and stylish enough to wear. This KTM Jacket been very popular among riders and also that it is setting a new trend in the history of biker jackets. It has a zip slit pocket in front layer and also inside pocket. It has adjustable waistband which makes the jacket fit and perfect for the riders. The jacket has been designed in an innovative new way and has been a hit on the year 2014 and still has high demand.

2) KTM Pure Adventure Jacket

The KTM Pure Adventure Jacket is the type of rider jacket which has everything you need for all year jacket. It’s special features such as elbow pads, Waterproof Membrane, Safety Reflective Panels, to Comfortable Mesh Liner, Removable and attachable Shoulder etc.  Since it has multi function it is suitable for all weather and is skin friendly. It has a comfortable collar short and a long zip. It has inner lining made up of polyester.

3) KTM's Soft-shell Vest

The KTM’s soft-shell vest is likely to be a hit for this season. The KTM's Soft-shell Vest gives the look of late 70’s and the 80’s where the fashion was loud and at peak. This lightly quilted soft-shell vest features contrasting panels and the design is unique and bold. It has two concealed zipped pockets and the color is mostly found in orange or black. This vest is suitable for fall as it is warm and slim and easy to carry for the rider.

4) KTM Men’s Light wind Jacket

KTM Windbreaker is a light jacket which has evolved for over the years but stayed the same in different ways. It gives a lightweight feel which creates an easy environment for the riders. It is one of the most on trend wind breaker and has been much loved by the riders. There has been many questions to why this jacket is so much popular and loved. Since it is comfortable jacket which is skin friendly, it is tough but easy to carry and also because it has a hood so there is always an option left when it starts to rain. It bring us back to the era where wind breakers where the major choice.

5) New KTM Orange Dirt Bike Riding Motorcycle Off Road Hump Armor Protective Jacket

The new KTM jacket which is also known as KTM orange dirt bike riding motorcycle off road hump armor protective jacket has two front zipper and is made up of durable oxford material. It has mild wind resistance and is almost water resistance. It has an adjustable waist Velcro straps and has stretch panel. It is a great combination of safety and comfort. The jacket has special back protector and also protector at the shoulder and elbow. So this jacket is integrated with safety with a style and has been perfect choice of the racer’s 2 front zipper pockets.

This jacket have been a great hit for this season as there is a major impact on huge mass of riders as they not only provide safety but also  give the riders a bold yet stylish look.