Ferrari Jacket

The top 5 from Ferrari in jackets this winter

There is a reason Ferrari has been one of the top most brands worldwide since it stated in a small factory, and that is not only because of the Cars, the magnificent cars. No, Ferrari as made a name in several other domains and one of them is in fashion. The brand speaks passion and elegance. One of the biggest manufacturers of exotic Italian cars took over a big chunk of fashion world since it started manufacturing regal pieces of clothes. With the raging horse logo studded over the meticulously designed jackets, you don’t need to speak for yourself. The jacket shows that you “belong”. The styles have evolved over the years but nothing tops the nostalgia and authenticity of these Italian beauties is immeasurable. Here are the top 5 designs that made a statement in fashion this winter.

1. Ferrari Jacket in sheepskin leather

An elusive and tempting invention by Ferrari, this jacket sports some unique and irresistible features. Made from suede sheepskin leather is comfortable as hell and looks like a million bucks. The patch motif work on sleeves of the Ferrari Jacket resembles Maranello GT grilles. The Cavallino Rampante logo is embedded on front left pocket. Front pockets and collars have customized rivets. To top it all the main zip is customized and branded with the official Logo.

2. La Ferrari:

When the brand names one of their jackets “The Ferrari” you know you are way beyond the simplistic designs. Designers don’t pull out the brand name card for just any simple design. The jackets looks ravishing in pure soft sheepskin hide material and the sheer detailing is well worth mentioning. It has both Ferrari logo and GT series logo embedded in the front left pocket. TheFerrari jacket sides are piped with contrast colors and the zip pull is a special limited dedicated to GT series. If this is not what pure brilliance is, we don’t know what is.

3. Men’s leather vintage windbreaker with used look:

To give the impression of worn over authenticity and vintage vibe Ferrari has brainstormed once more for this classis number to dress you to the tens. The material is breathable and has vertical backstitching on front to match the knit appliques that is studded on the sides. Once again complete with the prancing regal horse logo this jacket looks simply surreal.

4. Ferrari Cavallino Rampante jacket:

Another master piece by the ever-surprising branded hand made in Italy for your pleasure. The collar is rib knit, so are the cuffs and hemline which features two front pockets that are concealed by snap-button closure. The zip puller is an inspired design by Ferrari GT steering wheel.

5. Ferrari Cavallino Rampante Bomber Jacket:

Specially made by sheepskin nappa leather, this leather bomber jacket looks astonishing. If you are going to choose this, you will dress to impress be sure about that. There are a number of detailing in the jacket that will render you speechless, some we can’t even begin to describe. This is something you must check out for yourself. The main zip-puller is shaped like the Maranello GT, two front pockets that are welted and one internal hidden key ring pocket just for your stylish ride.

If you are a fan of branded jackets, you can choose any of them.