Ducati Jacket

Biker jacket collection from Ducati this season: Make the right choice

In order to make an impression in the fashion world it is always proper to make the right choice and dress correctly. In this season there has been the introduction of Ducati jacket that are specifically designed for the bikers. The significance of these trendy jackets is that they can be worn to both formal and casual occasions.

The classic black Ducati jacket

The Ducati jacket is made of soft cowhide leather that is quite perfect because of its longevity. It is also proper for the purpose of protection because it has protectors at the back with a hanger that makes the leather jacket compatible and more comfortable. Moreover the leather jacket has a hanger that attaches it to the leather pants and this ensures that the biker is well protected. The leather jacket also has an armor that is confidently fitted on the shoulders and the elbow. They are multipurpose since they ensure that the bikers are well protected and also offer extra warmth when it is extremely cold. The cotton inner lining and the elasticized fabric that act as inserts on the armholes ensure that the bikers are equally comfortable.

The trends that rank among the best in the Ducati collection that are also considered as the best choices include:

The urban Ducati leather jacket

This is one of the best choices of Ducati jacket available in the market today. It mainly focuses on a much simpler design that is quite classy. One of the distinct features of the jacket that define its outer look is the thermoformed logo that is exclusively detailed. In addition the elbows of the leather jacket are made of soft fabric that ensures both comfort and safety. The armor on the shoulders and the cotton lining on the inner side of the leather jacket ensure that the bikers are well protected. It also has back protectors and pro shaped collars that are covered with faux leather. The advantage of this leather jacket is that it is windproof and has perforations that ensure the bikers are comfortable enough in all the seasons.

Flow biker Ducati jacket

The leather jacket is also one of the popular trends that are preferred by most of the bikers. The leather jacket is highly sophisticated and well detailed. The leather jacket is made of genuine leather and the inner lining is made of cotton that ensures the bikers are comfortable and well protected. In addition, the collar has a detachable hood whose inner lining has removable cotton lining. Its function is to ensure that one is kept warm especially during the cold season. The frontier and the pockets of the leather jacket are zippered while the waist line has extension that is detachable to the leather pants. Their function is to ensure that the bikers are both comfortable and well secured.

The embroidered leather jacket

The fashionable leather jacket is made of pure leather and has the Ducati logo in form of embroidery. Moreover the shoulders and the elbows are made of a strong armor that gives comfort and protection. The leather jacket is described as the perfect jacket for all the bikers and the passengers. In addition the leather jacket is made of a back protector that has panels that act as protectors.