X Men First Class Leather Jacket

Celebrity jackets for everyday use this winter- The top 5 jackets from Hollywood

This article deals with the term jacket. The word jacket is not just used as the warmth providing material; it has wide sense of meaning in terms of fashion and style as well. Jacket has more definite place occupied in fashion. Though jacket has to be that covering which provides actual warmth to one's body but it has to be hottest in trend, fashionable, stylish as well. These days most of the jackets in the markets are movie inspired jacket or the replica of the favorite stars. It's not that only celebrity can carry the jacket in a best and proper way, but they simple carry this fashionable jacket in a flaunting way. The Brad Pitt leather biker jacket was of huge fashion symbol in the fashion and among many people. The way he carried the black studs' leather jacket was really rocking. So, this is the proven fact that the celebrities are the perfect people to rule the fashion world in an appropriate way. They are the one who can make simple outfit as a great fashion collection.  And this is what we call star power.

Now, let us discuss some top 5 jackets from Hollywood that is being used day to day life among normal people.

1. X Men First Class Leather Jacket: This jacket is the great replica of the movie X Men First Class. The brown leather jacket from this movie was huge famous among all. Michael Fassbender was the one who made this jacket popular in the fashion world. The simple brown leather jacket which has the two side pockets, front zipper closure etc.  The collar of this jacket has two buttons which has the unique style in it as well. This is the perfect jacket for the male for day to day use for this winter.

2. Evil Men Jacket: This is the leather jacket which is inspired by the movie Evil men. This is the free style leather jacket which is different from an ordinary jacket. Apart from the X Men First Class Leather Jacket, this jacket has distinct qualities. The feature of this jacket is four front pocket, middle two zipper design, front zipper closure, two straps in the sleeves etc. This is the celebrity jacket which can be used in everyday life as well.

3. Small Ville High Quality Jacket: This is the superman black leather jacket from the movie Small Ville. This jacket can be termed as the most stunning jacket of the season. The simple black leather jacket with front zipper closure, superman emblem on the chest, half chains on the sleeves as well. This jacket can be termed as the trendiest jacket of this winter as well.

4. Iron Man Leather Jacket: This iron man leather jacket is the jacket which is inspired by the movie Iron Man. This jacket is inspired by the character Tony Stark which was beautifully portrayed by Robert Downey jr. The simple but elegant leather jacket with angled zip pocket, front zipper closure, double snap banded collar are the best features of this jacket.

5. Fight Club Jacket: This trendiest jacket of the season which is inspired by the movie fight club. This is the red leather jacket that can frame your best personality. The jacket is still famous because the famous star Brad Pitt wore this. The best feature of this jacket are front button closure, thread stitching work, two flaps side pocket etc. This is as popular as X Men First Class Leather Jacket in the fashion world.