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Hollywood celebrities and their leather clothing trends of this season- Who wore what

When we talk about fashion and style trends, what come to our mind are the Hollywood stars. Hollywood celebrities are the worldwide known people and have a large number of fan following. Their clothing are noted by every media person, critics and their fans. Critics criticize about their fashion failure whereas the fans want to follow whatever fashion trend they make. Hence, Hollywood has a great role in setting the new fashion trends.

Different Hollywood celebrities, singers and actors have been spotted flaunting leather wears in different events. Events and social gatherings are all about flaunting the new designs, for the celebrities. So, here are top stylish leather clothing trends by the celebrities and what they wore for which event:

1. Bruno Mars leather jackets:

Bruno Mars is a serene personality and his songs reflect it very well. Not only his soothing voice, but his style and sense of fashion is highly adored by his fans. Bruno Mars was spotted at Bank Nightclub flaunting a stylish leather biker jacket, with a hat (his signature hat), Denim jeans, graphic tee and Converse sneakers. The double breasted leather jacket with zipped front closure stole the show and was noted by most of his fans.

2. Rihanna leather wears:

Rihanna has been known to be one of the most versatile stylish celebrity. She looks stunning in every outfit she wears, where it is a maxi or tribal printed tee or even leather wears. She has been spotted in many places in many different avatars. The most catchy leather outfit she was spotted with recently was a leather biker jacket with drop catch tapered trousers and creeper shoes. She was spotted flaunting this outfit as Massuhisa Restaurant in Los Angeles.

3. Jennifer Lawrence leather leggings:

Jennifer Lawrence is one of the busiest and most loved female celebrity of Hollywood. Recently, she was seen flaunting a leather leggings while signing autographs for her fans outside Greenwich Hotel. Her leather pants were paired up with striped black and white tee, black blazer and black open sandals.

4. Will Smith leather outfits:

The forever young Hollywood star, Will Smith is definitely a style icon for most of his fans. The versatile actor and singer definitely has some great taste when it comes to fashion. He was spotted as a sporty lad in a hooded leather jacket, distressed jeans, orange muffler, grey pullovers and athletic shoes at Nokia Theatre. This hooded Will Smith jacket has been adored by most of the fashion freaks. This cool look is easy to replicate. The hooded jacket with zipped closure at the front, grey cuffs and two zipped pockets is definitely a sporty leather wear.

5. Brad Pitt outfits:

Brad Pitt is one of the top fashion style icons for men. The Jolie Hubby is a fashion freak as well as a fashion trend setter. Brad Pitt has been flaunting various types of leather jackets in many of his blockbuster movies. But does he flaunt leather wears in his real life as well? Definitely!! The family man. Brad Pitt has been spotted in leather jackets in various different casual outings with his wife and kids. For formal events, he loved to suit up and stand besides his wife.

There is a lot to learn from your favorite Hollywood stars. So, this season learn their style and fashion. Whether it is the Will Smith jackets or Bruno Mars leather outfits, every person must try these leather wears at least once.