Thriller Jacket

The exclusive series of celebrity jackets: The top 5 USA celebrity jackets

Celebrities are seen wearing different style and designs of jackets in their movies or events. The celebrities are trend setters and their fan follows their footsteps for maintaining their fashion style. Some actors make their presence in the movie or any other event with the unique design of leather jacket, which become famous by that name like top gun jacket, thriller jacket, matrix jacketetc.

Top gun jacket

The Top gun jacket got famous after it was worn by the actor Tom Cruise in his movie Top gun. It is beautifully designed brown leather flight bomber jacket and the actor was looking chic in this piece. It is having shirt like fur covered collar and the single zip at the centre of the jacket. It also includes two flap pockets with the showy buttons on it and also embroidery patches on the shoulders, sleeves, back and one of the flap pockets. There is the ribbed hem at the wrist cuff and waist.

Thriller jacket

This jacket gained much popularity after it is worn by Michael Jackson in the music video Thriller. It is the combination of red and black jacket with the Michael Jackson signature on it. It is nicely knitted having broad stand up collar with ribbed quilted pattern at the collar and shoulders. It includes three flaps each with the two tab buttoned enclosure at the centre which gives it the uniqueness from rest of the style of jacket. The thriller jacket also have black leather border from the front waist, through the shoulders, where border is hanging out of the shoulders to the back in the V shape, on the sleeves, wrist cuff and the waist line. At the waist and wrist cuff hem, there is buckled belt and two open pockets at the front.

Matrix jacket

In the movie Matrix, the actor wore long black color leather jacket/coat. It was then characterized and famous as the matrix jacket. This long jacket is designed with the classic lining, overlaying leather piece up to above chest from shoulder and the hem at the sleeves. It includes lapel collar and double breasted buttoned fastening up to hip portion and rest is open. It was considered as one of the coolest piece in the cinema world.

Grease T bird jacket

Grease T bird style of jacket is much popular after the movie Grease. In the film, the actor was seen with black jacket having T, bird and bird picture with white color on the back side. It also includes nice detailing that includes lapel collar with the pressed coin studs, diagonal zipper fastening, white square block on left side in which one vertical zipper pocket and another flap pocket and one zipper pocket on opposite side, epaulets on the shoulder and small vertical zip at the back of the cuff.

Wolverine jacket

There is high liking for the wolverine jacket due to its classy and casual look. The brown leather jacket worn by the actor in the movie wolverine is very simple but yet very stylish. It has classic lining with the stand up collar. It is detailed with the zipper fastening at the centre and two side long running zipper pockets at the front. It also includes three light brown color straps on the sleeves and belt like strap at the waist, which enhances the elegancy of jacket.