Smallville Jacket

The most popular of Television serial's leather outfits - the top 4

Fashion industry has always been directly influenced by the outfits that the celebrities flaunt. Whether they are movie stars or television celebrities, they are equally famous and followed. These days, people watch TV serials equally as they watch movies. And the TV stars are also no less stylish and fashionable than movie stars. So, how can their fans help themselves from copying their styles?

Leather outfits, especially leather jackets have become a style trend for the heroes in the serials. You might have noticed most of the heroes and superheroes have flaunted the most stylish leather jackets. If you are a smallville fan, you might know how beautifully Tom Welling flaunts the red smallville jacket. This season here are some super awesome and super stylish leather jackets inspired from the TV serials that you will definitely fall in love with. Here they go:

1. Supernatural jackets:

Supernatural is one of the most loved and watched serials these days. With the successful completion of 9 seasons and still running, the styles of the protagonists, Dean and Sam Winchester have been loved by all of their fans. Dean’s leather jacket that he got form his dad is one of the most noted jackets from the series. Dean Winchester jackets are prepared from cowhide leather and will definitely protect you from the cold winter. The jacket has shirt styled collar and buttoned closure. It gives the wearer a distressed look. This is definitely a must try for every young man.

2. Arrow jackets:

Superheroes definitely love to hide their true identities from the world. And in their real lives, they are some stylish hunk (not always though). But The Arrow, Oliver Queen definitely is. The rich spoilt brat, Oliver has everything he needs to be stylish and fashionable. This is why, the leather jackets he wears are as trendy and handsome as he is. The Federer Lamb Leather Bomber jacket flaunter by Queen in “Arrow” episode 1x8 and episode 3x4 and Norton Lamb Leather Moto Jacket in episode 3x4 are the most noticed ones. These jackets with zipped front closure and high collar necks are equally sporty as well as stylish.

3. Smallville jackets:

Smallville is an interpretation series about the superhero, Superman, basically about his teenage years and his development as a superhero. The successful completion of 10 seasons shows how popular it is among its fans. Hence, the fashion trend of the series is also equally in trend. The jackets with the brand name “Smallville jacket” are available that are the replicas of the jackets worn by Tom Welling in the series. The Superman merchandise is loved by everyone, whether he is a kid or a grown up. This jacket is a new addition to the superman merchandise. The red jacket with a superman logo on its chest, cushioning at the elbows and the shoulders, collar less style and zipper closure at the front is definitely something you must want to own, as a Superman fan.

4. The Vampire Diaries “Damon Salvatore” jackets:

The Vampire Diaries is one of the most watched teenage dramas that include the story of two stylish and hot vampires and their love interest. The sexy vampire in town, Damon Salvatore has always been spotted wearing leather jackets, from the beginning of the series till now. The black leather jacket with shirt style collar and buttoned cuffs and zipped front closure is a masterpiece that you can proudly flaunt.

You cannot be smart and handsome as you favorite TV star but you can definitely dress up like him. So hurry up!