Resident Evil Jacket

Leather outwear made popular by videogames and movies this season - the top 5

The fashion statements of celebrities keep evolving all the time, and this means that they bring significant changes in the lifestyle of many fans and even ordinary consumers. The main reasons that people also want to look trendy and fantastic on a daily basis, or at least when attending special occasions. If you want to look like a super start, remember that this task is easy to achieve. The only thing that you need to do is to buy suitable clothing, such as a famous resident evil jacket.

Basically, it was inspired by popular video games and movies. They have a big impact of the leather clothes that should be worn this winter season. Keep in mind the latest trends in this field to make sure that stay updated with the latest news. This kind of outfit will reflect your personality and accentuate on your positive features. You can be sure that this jacket will never go out of fashion, so that it is possible to wear it for many seasons. It will remain its quality, durability and excellent look.

     • STARS military leather jackets are bright and come in navy colors. The best thing is that you will be provided with enough pocket space to store your valuables. You will appreciate the durable and plain design of this popular resident evil jacket. Pay attention to the STARS logo embossed on its chest using some tactile rubber. There are other interesting features, such as a high collar, flat front closure, and they all ensure a fashionable look. Besides, each sleeve includes a yellow stencil. This leather clothing comes fully lined and tailor backed.

     • USS military jackets for men. They are characterized by clean lines, elegant features and other details. This collared leather clothing is designed to recall the elite security force. The memorable logo of this organization appears in its sleeves and shoulder labels. Pay attention to its Velcro badges that is easy to detach and fit on your chest. This jacket comes with front and chest pockets for comfy storage, zipped closure with buttoned flaps, shoulder epaulets with special press buttons, fully lining and a tailor back.

     • BSAA military leather jackets. They are clean lined, and this is what many modern consumers appreciate. They come detailed with a special logo and are paired with an anniversary pin. They include a number of amazing details, such as their chest rubber print, a detachable Velcro badge, front and chest pockets, zip closure on their front, press buttoned flaps, epaulets on their shoulders, high quality lining, and so on. Their most popular color is olive green and they offer a good fit.

     • RE 6 game leather jackets for men. They were originated by the famous horror video game. Pay attention to their full zipped closure on the front. This stylish clothing comes with 4 pockets, and this is where you can store all kinds of small items, such as your mobile phone and cash. You will like its strap rolling over biceps on sleeves. You can be sure that it is made only from high quality leather.

     • Resident Evil 6 Leon Kennedy leather jackets. The best part is that they come with a branded YKK zipper on their front. Their inner lining is viscose and there are 2 pockets on their chest, and 2 more on their waist. You can use them as hand warmers or to store different items. Check their interesting stitching and a shirt style collar.