Resident Evil 6 Jacket

What's the most popular of superheroes outfits from Videogames this season

Virtual activity attracts contemporary people more and more. Millions of office workers and housewives, teenagers and pensioners spend their rest time on playing videogames which help them to forget about everyday problems and give a lot of fun. Moreover, the characters of most popular games caused the emergency of their fan clubs and even began to influence the fashion world. Now there are a lot of shops and online stores offering replica clothes for gamers who associate themselves with their favorite superheroes so you can easily order a resident evil jacket 6 or Conner Kenway’s costume. Every year the list of top popular costumes changes, and this season it consists of such models:

Alex Mercer outfit

This videogame inspired costume consisting of Mercer black pants and a famous jacket has been holding its top positions of most popular game character costumes for several seasons and is not going to loose in future several ones. It is demanded for thousands of “Prototype’s” fans due to the brutal, indifferent and fearless image of the main character. In spite of Alex’s being a negative hero more than a positive one, several pieces of his clothes are copied by numerous gamers, especially a black leather jacket with red shirt like collar, white stripes on the sleeves and red dragon embroidery on the back. The garment also features zip front, faux flap pockets and a chest inside pocket on the right side. This jacket is cool for creating casual looks and is appropriate for any occasion.

Metal Gear Snake jacket

This characteristic outfit consisting of black leather pants and a rough biker jacket is very familiar to the fans of “Metal Gear” and Snake who is also not an angel. The thick leather jacket featuring snap tab collar, asymmetrical zip, open hem cuff style, quilted patches on shoulders, blades and elbows, and a typical diamond logo on chest may be used as a perfect biker coat or as a trendy piece of outerwear for everyday use. Having such a spirited mannish outfit in your wardrobe you will feel brutal and confident everywhere you go or ride.

Resident Evil costume

This season resident evil jacket 6 worn by Leon Kennedy from “Resident Evil 6” is extremely popular this season. Everyone wants to feel like a superhero fighting the evils. If you belong to this category you will definitely enjoy a unique short black leather jacket with characteristic grey stripes on the sleeves, four front flap pockets, shoulders accented with epaulettes, shirt like collar and zip front. This slim fit piece of outerwear is a good example of garments which are recognizable and trendy at the same time so you can use it for motor riding, car racing or just for everyday wear.

Assassins Creed costume

Conner Kenway’s costume from Assassins Creed 3 is the choice of brave and eccentric persons, and of passionate fans of the game. The spirited outfit consisting of a bold style coat and slim fit trousers is not a suit for everyday wear but a cool costume for Halloween, some topical party or visiting a gamers’ club. It is easily recognized by black and red tail-coat like hooded jacket with its antique style cuffs and asymmetrical zip front. This view attracting model can become a great present for any gamer.

Max Payne outfit

A costume of Max Payne enjoyed great popularity from 2001 when the first part of famous shooter based on a play movie serial appeared. Image of a positive hero fighting for justice and against criminals attracted a lot of gamers who wanted to copy their idol, his habits and, of course, his famous black leather jacket which is featuring three front buttons, coat style stand collar, four jacket pockets and simple straight cut sleeves. Besides its being game inspired, the garment is very stylish and highly combinable so it may be used as the basic element of numerous casual and even business like looks.