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Popular Celebrity jackets - The changing trends and patterns of this season

When you hear the name of a celebrity, you immediately remember the exquisite movie or maybe the prominent outfit like matthew mcconaughey jacket and of some other celebrities for that matter. Every season in fashion takes on a new challenge as far as the patterns and trends are involved. The appearances on screen of the actors and celebrities are much similar to the latest styles that are paraded on the recent fashion events. Here’s what we bring this season.

Madonna’s fur parka jacket

While always seen tagging along her kids when traveling, the famous material girl stays in style. Her winter clothing consists of a hooded jacket that falls up to her thigh. It has fur on the hood and is a perfect match to her aubergine coloured jeans. The tartan pattern on her black and white coloured scarf is a standout with this.

Bruce Jenner’s Sporty jacket in blue turquoise

Before he kept up with the Kardashian clan, Bruce Jenner is already a celebrity in his own right. He’s an American athlete whose passion is into track and field. With his credentials, a sport style jacket is like a second skin to this man. His recent getup consists of a turquoise blue sporty jacket with tiny white stripes accentuating the active sports attire.

Kiera Knightley’s blazer black jacket

In spite of being pregnant, Kiera Knightley keeps up with fashion. This winter, her recent outfit consists of a black blazer jacket that almost covers up the bump on her tummy.

Nicole Richie’s blue Japanese kimono jacket

Frequently seen outside her Malibu mansion, this young rich celebrity socialite is very up to the minute when it comes to clothes. She’s seen wearing a Japanese style jacket with intricate texture. The twilling floral pattern at the edges enhances thevelvety nature of the jacket’s fabric.

Paris Hilton’s padded shoulder leather jacket

Worn with white shirt, black beanie and the iconic Chanel bag, Paris Hilton is at it again. Always out to set a trend whether it’s something new or a classic. Her jacket is slim-fitting black leather with just the right amount of padding for the shoulder.

Shia LaBeaouf’s woolen denim

Shia LaBeaouf is famed for his jackets in the movies. But this celebrity is also a regular guy who goes out with his ladylove once in a while and wears something apt for the weather. Since it’s winter, the woolen inner lining on his cool faded denim jacket only proves his functional sense of style.

Gwen Stefani’s all-white ensemble winter jacket

There is no doubt this famous singer and fashion designer is aware of the latest fashion. She surely knows that an all-white outfit is hot this winter. To prove that, Gwen Stefani is seen wearing a white parka jacket in her recent skiing trip at the Mammoth Mountain. She matched this with a white winter trouser to get that trendy look.

Ian Somerhalder’s black biker jacket

Ian Somerhalder is a fresh new celebrity known from the TV series, Vampire Diaries. He is currently taking his own spot when it comes to wearing jackets with sense of style. It can be no surprise if he counts among those who have his name attached to anything in fashion like what a matthew mcconaughey jacket is famed for. With his good looks, acting skills and background in modeling, we are sure his name will go beyond your television screens!