Mad Max Jacket

The best of iconic celebrity jackets- The top 5

The modern fashion world is influenced by Hollywood commerce, and more and more celebrities are joining it lately. They start realizing the benefits of wearing high quality leather outfits, such as a famous mad max jacket. It is obvious that they are constantly watched by the public, so that they do their best to look modern and trendy.

For example, Ryan Gosling who has entered Hollywood and amazed many people by his great acting abilities. He had worn the stunning drive scorpion leather jacket in his new blockbuster “Drive”. This outfit is not available in two colors, black and white. Its most interesting element is the scorpion symbol on its reserve side. You can find a variety of newer variations of this clothing available this winter season. Besides, you need to get a better idea of other hot trends when it comes to celebrity leather jackets. The most popular ones are listed below.

1. Original jackets worn the MPF and Max. They have a number of interesting details, such as a large collar and lapels, special tabs of the waste that can be easily adjusted and one visible pocket for practical storage. Pay attention that this original model doesn’t have any epaulets on shoulders. Its seam on the upper back part is V-shaped and a bit scalloped. You won’t be able to see any other seams when checking this mad max jacket.

2. Second and third variations. They were worn by Max in further movies, such as Mad Max 2. The main difference is that they have 2 symmetrical and diagonal pockets that can be used to store your essentials. These leather jackets also have no epaulets on shoulders. Another similarity is that they include only one seam on their upper back, but it is straight. You won’t be able to find other seams.

3. Gayboy Berserker leather jackets for men. They were originally worn by bad cops called gayboy berserkers. They also had silver helmets. Many modern consumers choose this clothing because it comes with a well-known racing collar that has 2 snaps. It comes with decorative epaulets, adjustment tabs of the waist for a perfect fit, 2 symmetric and diagonal pockets where you can warm up your hands or store different small things. Do not forget that their front flap is imbedded with 10 snaps. The greatest thing is that presence of brass silver zippers, and they are placed in quite an interesting spot, outside the main seam. The back of such leather jackets has special expansion seams behind shoulders, and one standard seam on their lower back. You may find some simplified versions on the Internet, and they are in high demand too.

4. Aussie leather jackets. They differ from this original mad max jacket because they do not come with any special fabric bedding between sleeve zippers. They contain leather sewn to their one side. Another obvious difference is that their zipper tab is attached to their left side, and this is what makes zipping and unzipping this leather clothing a bit awkward for some consumers. However, this doesn’t mean that is has no specific benefits, such as it incredible and stylish look.

5. MFP Japan jackets. They are perfect for those fans who want to be dressed just like celebrities. They are manufactured from high quality horsehide, and this means that they are suitable for bikers because of their increased durability. Pay attention to a special pad on shoulders as it adds more elegance.