Lethal Weapon Jacket

Hollywood Bigwigs and their dressing  trends-The 5 most iconic actors

For years Hollywood has owned the throne in setting new fashion trends. This is a monopoly and there are no close competitors, and it has reason to be. The starts have set their limit to the skies. Dressing to the tens is a mandate and designers are worshipped for their creations. With every new movie coming out there are so much addition to the world of fashion that the stars become icons. Though for normal crowd getting a hold of these designers is quite a fantasy which is hard to fulfill. This is why numerous brands are popping up with their trendsetter replicas of the original designs. Some of these brands are quite well suited for the longing of the people who didn’t have the fortune of being born in a star studded villa. The celebs who are wearing these gorgeous creations naturally become popular for their one iconic look. But some of the Hollywood bigwigs made so much of a stir that their panache will define generations of fashion trends for hunters and will be considered a point in history which started a new era in fashion. Here we have for you the top 5 Hollywood actors who have claimed their throne in the path to stardom.

1. James Dean:

The charisma and fame of this actor skyrocketed as a style icon because of his iconic portrayal in old timey movies. Not even the untimely death could fade away the reputation that he created as a renowned fashion icon. The leather biker jacket has James Dean written all over it.

2. Mel Gibson

Instead of the actor making the designer the designer made the actor on the watch list of millions with the one signature lethal look which we have come to call the lethal weapon jacket.Worn by this famous actor in the movie lethal weapon the jacket featured zip sleeve cuffs, two zipper waist pocket, two inside pockets, front zip closure on quality leather and magnificence as the finishing touch. The lethal weapon jacket hasgenerated half of the revenue of what the movie has made and still continues to be a hot choice amongst youngsters.

3. Tom Cruise

Famous for his own stunts and impeccable choice in fashion that he has passed in his toddler Suri Cruise, this actor is and always has been the favorite of paparazzi. Shutterbugs simply can’t get enough of the glamorous wardrobe of this guy. Donning leather jackets and aviator sunglasses in Top gunhe became the official fashion icon of the year.

4. Brad Pitt

Do we need even utter why Brad Pitt will go down in history as one of the most famous fashion figures of Bollywood? The man has got style whether he wears a work boot or a leather jacket like the one in fight club.His uncontrived style sense has been recognized by fashion industry long back and they continue to choose him to represent famous brands. He is and will remain amongst one of the prominent names in movie industry as well as fashion.

5. George Clooney

The hero who is timeless and ageless, although older to some of the other stars in the list he has never lost his popularity in his lifetime as an actor. This guy brought back the suit in style as a fashion mainstay, classy and gorgeous as ever.