Layer Cake Jacket

What fans prefered from Daniel Craig's leather outfits - the top 3

There are many fashion icons and both in the past and present, and their style and outfits influence the latest trends considerably. The main reason is that almost all people want to look better and trendier, just like celebrities.

When it comes to high quality leather clothing, it makes sense to pay attention to the trends and designs associated with famous agent 007, James Bond. If you want to look masculine and attractive, you won’t be able to find better clothing for this winter. The good news is that there are different styles, colors and patterns to choose from. Pick one of them to look like the actor you see in this well-known movie. This is what will help you look stud, super and fashionable even in your everyday life. For instance, think about wearing this popular layer cake jacket.

It is always important to stay updated with other trends and patterns originated by celebrities, as there is something new you can try.

1. Standard Skyfall leather jackets for men. They were inspired by Daniel Craig and offer one of the most stylish options as your outwear. This design is represented in the latest movie Skyfall, and it will make all guys look glamorous and trendy. The good news is that they will feel comfortable and warm at the same time. This celebrity jacket is made from genuine Napa sheepskin, so that you can be sure in its quality and long service. Another great thing is that it can be tailor made according to your personal specifications.

2. Buttoned Daniel Craig leather jackets. They were also first introduced in Skyfall, and they are becoming more and more popular these days. Choose this style to show off your own stature, personality and other personal traits. This leather clothing offers the right blend of shape and design, so that you can make a real fashion statement when wearing it on a regular basis, not only for special events. Pay attention to a number of interesting details, such as a poly lining, YKK zipped front closure, open wide collar, sleeves with quality snap tabs, hand warmers, and so on.

3. Famous Layer Cake leather jackets. They are also represented by the famous actor, Daniel Craig and are popular for their incredible design. They can be produced either from brown or black lambskin, and you should not hesitate in its quality. This trendy clothing comes with a durable satin lining, silver zippers, piped side pockets and other features. For example, it also includes vertical slip pockets where you can store all kinds of small items, such as your wallet. When looking for a slim fit, you won’t be able to find a better option than this well-known layer cake jacket.

In addition, there are other interesting and stylish jacket designs to choose from. If you want to buy something worn by celebrities, take time to learn more about their basic pros and cons. Many consumers decide to invest money in Mad Max wacky leather jackets because they are perfect for bikers. They are manufactured from the best quality leather and include a poly linin for more effective protection from harsh weather conditions in the winter. Such outfits also have a zipped closure in their front, broad lapel collar, zipped pockets and a regular fit. Keep in mind that they are available only in black, but they provide the best durability possible, and that’s why you should include this style in your shopping list.