Indiana Jones Jacket

The top iconic celebrity with their famous clothing: who made the top 5 list

Since years, movie maker gives much importance to the different style of clothing for their actor, which can make major impact on both the movie lovers and the fashion enthusiast. These clothing, then become the trend in the fashion world. Out of all clothing, leather jacket has found special place in the cinema world. Many celebrities are still remembered for their iconic jackets like Marlon Brando jacket, Indiana Jones jacket, Rocketeer Jacket etc.

1. Marlon Brando jacket

The black leather jacket worn by the Marlon Brando in his movie ‘the wild one’ is really the iconic piece, which is still trending these days. Those jackets have lapel collar, asymmetrical zip, two zipper side pockets and long running vertical zip at the wrist cuff. It also includes buckled belt at the waist and decorated with pressed stars and coin studs on the epaulets and the collars. The biker, punk, etc style of jacket originated from Marlon Brando jacket.

2. Bill Campbell Rocketeer jacket

The brilliantly designed brown aviation jacket worn by the Bill Campbell in the Rocketeer movie was much loved by the people, due to its unique style. It represented the bold and strong personality of the actor in the movie. The jacket consist of shirt like collar, zipper enclosure at the centre, two zipper pocket at the waist and one diagonal near chest. It also includes buckle strap at the sides and wrist cuff and also have epaulets with golden buttons. It has golden buttons all over the front, which can be inserted in to the detachable leather material with the holes. 

3. Harrison Ford Indiana Jones jacket

The rough, cool and bold looking jacket was worn by Ford Harrison in his movie Raiders of lost ark. It was the movie, who was appreciated for its leather jacket, which got famous as the Indiana Jones jacket. That iconic jacket is plain, broken with the classic lining and having shirt like collar. It has zipper enclosure at the centre and two flap pockets at the front and one inner pocket. Along with the Indiana Jones jacket, Indiana Jones Fedora, boots, etc also gain much popularity.

4. Brad Pitt Flight club jacket

Brad Pitt was featured with the beautifully designed red color leather jacket in his movie flight club. This red jacket is hip length body fit jacket. It has classic lining with the cream stitching in it. It is the buttoned jacket with the pointed lapel collar and two flap front pockets, two inner pockets and hem at the sleeves. This is also considered as the coveted piece of design, which gives Brad Pitt a mysterious, crooked and courageous look.

5. Johnny Depp Donnie Brasco leather jacket

In the movie Donnie Brasco, the Johnny Depp wore a reddish brown color leather jacket. It was nicely stitched which is slim fit and up to thigh length. It is three buttoned plain jacket with large lapel collar, two large flap pockets and two open pockets above it on each side of the jacket. The actor was looking bold and masculine in this jacket paired up with the denim.

There are many other iconic actors, which has make very impressive entry in the movie by their uniquely designed clothing and make remarkable difference in the fashion world.