Hugh Jackman Jacket

The most popular of celebrity outwear this season - The choices you have

Celebrity fashion is something we look up to for dressing up different and trendy.  Celebrity fashion is not just what our favourite stars wear n the red carpet or appearances, a huge part of celebrity fashion also comes from the onscreen characters they portray. Outwears are important part if celebrity fashion both onscreen and off-screen. Every year with new movies coming and characters getting makeover, new style and designs of celebrity outwears and jackets also come out in the market.  And celebrity outwears or jackets from the movies are not just for cosplaying, most fashion from celebrities believe it or not is affordable, wearable and accessible.  Today we are talking about some of the choices you have in celebrity outwears this season.  Following are some of the choices you have in celebrity outwears this season:

1. Hugh Jackman jacket:  The brown leather hugh jackman jacket that Hugh Jackman sported in 2014 x -men days of future past is your top choice this season. It is quite plain except for the slanted vertical chain on the front; however the Hugh jackman jacket is built stud and looks very tough and masculine. It is the kind of jacket you would want to wear on outings with your friends or even biking.

2. Amazing Spiderman jacket: The red and black combo amazing Spiderman jacket inspired by the Andrew Garfield’s costume in the movie is your next pick when it comes to celebrity outwear fashion 2014.  And your options just do not stop there you can also try the blue quilted jacket Andrew Garfield wears in the movie.

3. The James Franco blue leather jacket: At the grand opening of an art exhibition in New York City at pace gallery, actor James Franco was spotted wearing a blue leather Gucci bomber jacket which became an instant hit and is for guys with great dressing sense, it looks cool and has an amazing appeal. This is the kind of celebrity outwear that you would want to wear to a date; your girl will obviously go gaga over you.

4. Bradd bit jacket:  The popular actor brad pitt has been popular with his leather jacket .The jacket which might be in Military wear or camel long leather jacket he has been spotted wearing it in various movies. Apart from that the actor as well as director Brad was seen wearing the black leather jacket made from sheep leather this year while in red carpet 2014

5. Wanted Leather jacket:

The leather jacket worn by the celebrity Angelina Jolie in the movie Wanted is another popular trending jacket. The jacket has frontal zipper and is fitting leather jacket .But the jacket has mere reflection of a aggressive and bold attitude in the movie which has been rather popular even in the market after she was seen wearing the jacket. The jacket has standing colour and two pockets on either side without zipper.

These were our top 3 picks but you sure can have you own choices as well. It is totally cool and people will love it if you wear a one celebrity inspired item like a jacket but don’t go like jacket, tees, same glasses, same pants and same shoes because it is going to look absolutely ridiculous unless you are cosplaying or are in a theme party. Another thing to take care of is to personalize celebrity fashion when you wear it, for eg if you are wearing an outwear style by celebrity than give your own mark by adding a certain accessory like a hat, watch, badge or something else you like.  The last thing to remember is not to brag about it, yes it is plausible enough to brag about wearing something famous but come one everybody knows you are wearing celebrity fashion and you will only spoil the charm by bragging.