Howard Hughes jacket

The top 5 of Movie jackets preferred this season - The must have list

Leonardo Di Caprio’s portrayal of the famous billionaire aviator ten years ago made the Howard Hughes jacket significant till today. The 20th century famous figure and the movie setting are undeniably evocative of vintage class.  In case you’re wondering, Howard Hughes is the pioneer in aviation industry. His glorified aircraft company became a source of his wealth. Hughes later on became a successful producer of films. The aviator jacket he’s famed for is caramel brown vintage leather with simple wide lapels which since then became part of our fashion heritage. Here’s the must have list this season from the upcoming movies.

Terminator 5

The series of Terminator movies made Arnold Schwarzenegger wannabe’s sought for his jackets from the films. Even his mechanized costume certainly did not escape the cosplay events and kids at Halloween revelries. This year, brace yourself for the latest terminator jacket. The design of the black leather gear that you’re about to see in the movie comes with quilted details for the shoulder and elbows specifically enhancing the reinforcements of the safety jacket.

Mission Impossible 5

Feast your eyes for another action suspense thrills from another fifth installment from popular film. The previous series are undoubtedly heralded for its must have outfits. This year, it goes to none other than Tom Cruise’s Mission Impossible 5. We are sure you’ll adore the hooded black leather jacket. It’s not commonly seen in jackets today to have a hood attached to it as some thinks it’s quite uncool. But Tom Cruise will prove it otherwise. If you’re not convinced, then you can opt for versatile customized jackets with detachable hood features.


The latest installment to a James Bond series set to be shown at the 4th quarter this year. But you don’t have to wait that long to have Daniel Craig’s thick padded nylon jacket from the movie. It’s winter right now and this jacket is appropriate for the weather.

The Longest Ride

For those who can’t get enough of the Western fashion last fall, you can have it till spring. This April, a movie about cowboy is set to grace the theaters that will showcase plenty of cowboy jackets and costumes for men and women as this movie is about star crossed lovers. You can be sure that your passion for western clothes is up for the longest ride!


Chris Hemsworth’s cybercrime movie spans locations from Indonesia, Hong Kong, LA and Chicago. The ‘sexiest man alive’looks so cool in his army green nylon mesh jacket. The wool layer of fabric worn with the jacket is ideal at the moment and it’s showing this January while the winter is at its peak. Can’t wait to see the film? It will hit the big screen in a matter of days so get yourself and your winter jacket ready!

It doesn’t take a new film to come up with a must have list of trendy outfits. The Howard Hughes jacket is there to prove it and perhaps so much more from the lineup of classic films. Besides, a 007, Mission Impossible and Terminator jackets from past seasons still has its share of followers. The only thing that changes is probably things get better with time. Costume designers adapt the outline of the cuts, patterns and silhouette to the current style in the fashion mainstream. The rest is history!