Hawkeye Vest

How leather vest changed this season in Hollywood - the 5 most popular vests this season

Hollywood has seen, revived and ended many a fashion trends simply by wearing them out or not. What starts wear onscreen sets the trend for the season off screen. And do stars wear some impressive gear! Nowadays every Friday some new movie releases calling for a massive popularity and stardom setting a new trend in style. But there are few that become timeless classics. They gain so much popularity which makes the start an icon and the fashion iconic. It’s a quid pro quo which has been going on between Hollywood and fashion industry ever since movies were invented. This season Hollywood has brought back the trend of leather vests with the multi starrer movie The Avengers. One of the key characters Hawkeye is donning a fabulous leather vest which has become well renowned as the hawkeye vest. But that’s just the beginning. Leather vest has seen fame with many start studded films and TV series this year, some might have failed to create an impact but the ones which did, let’s just say they will go down in fashion history as immortal.

1. Edge Of Tomorrow Tom Cruise black leather Vest:

The character of Tom Cruise in the movie is called Cage, who is a soldier fighting in a war with alien forces and gets caught in a time loop of his last battle day, but eventually he becomes better skilled. Naturally men started to fantasize about this beyond reality character and what better way to associate themselves that the key piece of leather vest that Cruise has been wearing in the goriest battle scenes. The sleeveless and collarless style is designed to set you apart in a crowd of thousands.

2. Avengers Hawkeye Leather Vest

This movie will go down as one of the biggest super hero movies in Hollywood. Here is why, every super hero character you worship is there, saving the world and looking like a million bucks while doing it. But it is a little hard to wear the iron man suit or bat cape to a party, god forbid you go with hulk’s fashion demeanor and you are going to spend the night in lockup. The fashion icon despite all the super heroes is our very human Hawkeye portrayed by Jeremy Renner. The hawkeye vest has absolutely captured a big chunk of business in Fashion Street.

3. Expendables 3 Sylvester Stallone Leather Vest

Do you need to be told why Rambo is still amongst the most popular movies? The star speaks for the character and one such character this season is portrayed by the same magnificent Sylvester Stallone in Expendables 3. Whether the leather vest is looking him look drop dead gorgeous even at his sixties of is it him doing the favor to the vest, we simply can’t tell. We see only epic fashion. Get your own and judge for yourself.

4. The Dark Knight Rises Bane Leather Vest:

Gone are the days when only heroes could be the show stopper, and villains had to stand on the side line and watch history being made. Watch out Bane for the iconic leather vest that has made quite a roar this season, setting a new trend for all the bad boys out there.

5. Daryl Dixon Angel Black Leather Vest

Hollywood has a lot to give, not only movies, but TV series are also big hit for fashion watchers at recent. The walking Dead in one such series with the rag-tag character Daryl Dixon with the Angel leather vest.