Hank Moody Leather Jacket

USA top 5 TV serials and the top 5 of leather jackets this season

Watching serials became part of American lifestyle. Housewives and office workers, students and pensioners have their rest watching their favorite heroes on the screens. Dramas, sitcoms, fiction and detectives… The choice of genres is wide. Of course, most popular characters are also very different. They have different habits and wear different clothes, and their behavior and clothes styles are often copied by the fans. Here we will discuss most popular leather jackets which are most expressive pieces of any wardrobe and often serve like visiting cards saying a lot about the person’s tastes and character. Copying styles of their favorite serial heroes, people express their sympathy and fellow feeling to them and make their own looks brighter. Having analyzed one of the ratings, we can distinguish a top 5 US serials consisting of “Game of Thrones”, “Braking Bad”, “The Walking Dead”, “Californication” and “The Big Bang Theory”. The jackets shown in them also got the conic status and deserve to be discussed individually.

1. “Game of Thrones” jacket

A great many of souvenirs and clothing articles with “Game of Thrones” logos and pictures are sold every day, and the jackets are one of most popular categories. Because of great quantity of bright characters in the fiction saga, there are different “Game of Thrones” inspired jackets but black leather jacket of Kit Harington is one of the most expressive ones. This black antique style jacket features closed neck design, pouches instead of pockets, accented shoulders, simple sleeves and a central threaded lining instead of a zip. Wearing such a jacket in real life you will definitely attract views. It is good to be combined with slim fit black trousers of jeans and rough knitted sweaters.

2. “Braking Bad” leather jacket

There also were several distinguishing variants of leather jackets shown in the series but this season customers tend to come back to Jesse Pinkman’s edgy black leather jacket featuring closed neck collar design, zip front, zip pockets and simple cuffs. Such garments reminding field jackets usually go well with everything so you can follow Jesse and wear it with brightly colored sweatshirts and T-shirts or go your own experiments.

3. “The Walking Dead” jacket

Actually, it was not a jacket but a vest which was shown as a piece of Daryl Dixons outwear in the famous film about zombies. Fearless and brutal hero and his unusual leather vest with white wings on back attracted much attention and caused the great popularity of replicas including leather jackets with sleeves based on a model from a movie. The vest, except distinguishing pair of wings, features press snap closure, two flap side pockets and lacings on both sides. It can be used for creating unusual casual looks.

4. “Californication” leather jacket

David Duchovny and his character from comedy-drama series are loved by hundreds thousands of fans. The image of a troublesome writer going drugs taking and womanizing, in spite of being not ideal to be a role model got many followers and, of course, most of them have already purchased or just dream to get the topical Hank moody leather jacket which can beautifully emphasize the athletic men’s figure. It features four vertical panel front and T-style three panel back, a shirt like collar, two side pockets, zip closure and snap-tab cuffs. You can wear your Hank moody leather jacket with any style of trousers and tops.

5. “The Big Bang Theory” jacket

The image of sexy and lively Penny contrasting the characters of other main heroes (physicists) could not but be enjoyed by the viewers. Numerous Penny’s garments are still copied by young lovers of casual style. One of most outstanding jackets is Penny’s reddish-brown leather bomber jacket which was worn by her with blouses and black trousers or jeans. This season such a set is one of the trendiest so don’t be afraid to follow the style of your favorite hero.