Contraband Jacket

Top Movies and the leather trends they brought this season

Hollywood movies are topping it up, the themes, the color contrast, the animation and the characters are hypnotizing, captivating audience at a whole new level. Not only the movie, everything and everyone in the movie are becoming a brand. Take for instance the fact that the moment we say, contraband jacket you are imagining Mark Wahlberg, hands in his pocket eyes on the road walking in a hurried manner creating an unfathomable mystique. We don’t blame you for being a movie nerd; the designers are not outdoing themselves with every movie that comes out to be forgotten. The actors though give them a signature look without which the fashion would probably struggle to up rise to such overwhelming popularity.

Here in the list are some of those epic fashion monuments which have set a new trend in leather this season.

1. Guardians of the Galaxy, Gamora: Gamora came to life with the multi starrer super hit Guardians of the Galaxybased on the Marvel Comics superhero team. Played by Zoë Saldana in the female lead role the character Gamora dons a very unique design of leather jacket. After releasing the movie her style became famous overnight with the tremendously gorgeous Guardians of The Galaxy Jacket made with fantastic calfskin looks impressive and a bit fair.

2. The Avengers and Captain America,Black widow: Scarlett Johansson has already become an icon in women’s fashion after she was declared to be amongst the top 50 sexiest female in the world. This starlet makes appearance as the famous character Black Widow in the movies and levels up with not only one but several key pieces of pure leather charisma.One of the key pieces is made of pure leather with belted cuffs and large buttons at front giving the design a different vibe.

3. Hansel And Gretel and The Avengers, Jeremy Renner: This actor made is biggest Hollywood debut in the role of hawkeye in The Avengers. Nonetheless he has made the image of a modern rough guy fashion god with his leather gear in not just one but consecutive two movies which made a huge impact both on his career and fashion choice of men worldwide. The jacket in Hansel and Gretel features a Snapped collar, shoulder detailing and unique style cuffs, front open closure and side vents which is fit for the bad boy look.

4. Contraband Jacket, Mark Wahlberg: Mark Wahlberg has been portrayed in the movie Contraband which became famous as the Contraband Jacket for fashion lovers. This distressed Cowhide Leather Jacket has a faded authentic look in the movie which makes it look vintage and elegant at the same time. If you are looking to sport your niche in fashion at the nearest sports club this is the jacket for you. Dressing to the tens as defined by the star’s own unique look in the movie. Now you can get the same look with this masterpiece of a design.

5. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Megan Fox: In the reboot version of the original series center of attraction the diva Megan Fox is wearing Red yellow jackets throughout the movie each sporting a sleek style and the Ninja vibe. Enhance your style quotient with one of the best dressed stars of Hollywood till date. The jacket sports features such as zipper cuffs with long narrow sleeves and a fitting that will accentuate your curves.