Bourne Legacy Jacket

The hottest of celebrity jackets this season - The top 5

We all are fond of movies. They entertain and teach us, make us laugh, cry and tremble with horror. Moreover, movies bring us to some unreal world where we act together with main heroes trying on their characters. Of course, film characters are prominent and outstanding persons, and we want to be just as brave, strong, quick, clever or sexy as our idols. Wearing replica clothes repeating the looks of stars brings us closer to celebrity world, gives an opportunity of feeling like a star and, besides, celebrity clothes are extremely trendy. In this article you will find information about most popular celebrity jackets as jackets are central figures in every fashion collection this season. After studying the rating you will easily choose a spirited Bourne Legacy jacket or and elegant Alex Mercer garment.

Top 5 hottest celebrity jackets

1. Alex Mercer leather jacket

This stylish jacket was born from a hero of a widespread videogame “Prototype”. The popularity of a model was caused not only by a hero’s brutality but also by jacket’s being extremely stylish and corresponding to newest fashion trends. This short leather jacket is slim fit and is decorated with a bright red shirt like collar, red embroidered dragon on the back and contrast white stripes on the sleeves. It can be used for creating different casual and sporty looks. Many customers use it for riding as well as for everyday wear. The thing may also become a good present for a passionate fan of the game.

2. Arrow jacket

A brown mat leather jacket was first shown in 2012 when the first season of “Arrow” was released. Since then the second season was premiered, and the interest of customers to this elegant piece has just increased. This elegant coat is much demanded this season because of its universal and expensive looking design. It features full zip plus button closure, three front pockets and a shirt like collar. You may team this highly combinable thing with jeans and casual style pants, tailored trousers, sweaters, sweatshirts and shirts you like.

3. Bourne Legacy jacket

A cool biker style jacket worn by Jeremy Renner and his character Aaron Cross in 2012 is greatly demanded now because biker jacket is a hit of the season again. In the film we can see a jacket made of weatherproof fabric but leather replicas are even more popular than lots made of fabrics. Quite simple cut with articulated sleeves, zip front and pockets make this jacket a universal all-seasonal piece. It may be combined with almost any other piece of men’s wardrobe but if you follow the philosophy of Aaron who appreciates freedom of his own actions ore than beauty of his clothes, combine  Bourne Legacy jacket with simple monochrome military colored sweatshirts, shirts or turtlenecks and your favorite jeans or pants.

4. Beauty and the Beast jacket

This bright, bold and expressive jacket shown by Catherine Chandler is the choice of glamorous fashionistas loving attention and showing off. The garment is slim fit, even tight and is carried out of red and black leather. By the way, combination of too colors is one of the hottest trends this season. Beauty and the Beast jacket features asymmetric zip closure and three diagonal zip pockets. Decorative stitching adds the jacket stunning look. If you want to feel like a Beauty from a fairy tale, try this wonderful garment.

5. Ben Ten jacket

Ben 10 is a superhero for teenagers and children all over the world, and hid green leather jacket is an iconic piece of outerwear this season. Modern coloring and décor make it a great present for a lover of cartoon or for any young male fashionist. White stripes, 10 logo and ban collar give the thing a sporty look so it is good to be worn with biker pants, sporty pants and jeans, sport style sweatshirts and hoodies.