Blade Jacket

Celebrity jackets of yesteryears, still in trend - The top 5

The fashion heritage has represented us retro leather jackets, which are still in mode. Popular Hollywood celebrities brought their fashion style and many yesteryears articles of clothing are enough trendy within nowadays fashion. Some models are mixed with new updated elements and very favored by populace. Fans copy the jackets of their idols and demonstrate different ways of their wearing. Among the best designs let us point out the top 5 jackets, which are still desired and bought by the followers.

1. Wanted leather jacket by Angelina Jolie

This beautiful actress shows a cool biker black leather jacket in the movie “Wanted”. Its stylish design with asymmetric zipped closure and a stand-up snap collar are very trendy this year. The straps on the cuffs add some note of exclusiveness to the model. Two waist pockets look great and make the jacket favored by the followers of Angelina. Such type of clothing may be put on at any occasion and you can easily to combine it with any other pieces of garments.

2. The Devil Wears Prada leather jacket by Anne Hathaway.

This stylish brown article of clothes has conquered the minds of many fashionistas. Nice tone is still popular within voguish leather things. The ideal length makes the whole look elaborate and can underline the figure. The jacket has unusual zipped flapped waist pockets. The concealed zipped fastening creates new elegance and classic lines. This classy piece may be worn as a daywear and the office garments, if to pair it with a pencil skirt or trendy strict black pants. High heel shoes will make the look flawless and no man will stand against such dressy lady. The actress showed a casual look, wearing the jacket over a black turtleneck and with a pair of jeans. The brown boots and a brown handbag finished this nice look.

3. Blade jacket

Current fashion has new tendencies of combination two colours within a jacket. But it may be deemed as the idea which came to us from the past, so as some things, which were shown on the catwalks or worn by actors in the movies, added the popularity to such types of jackets. For instance, a blade jacket consists of two shades – cognac and vivid red. This mix is hot and makes the audience pay attention to the wearer. Cropped length, slim-fit silhouette of the blade jacket create a sexy look of the actress. Zipped closure and zipped sleeves along its all length look unusually and impressing. A small collar with accurate lines adds some zest to the article of clothing. It is a cool wear for parties, riding a bike and casual style, which may be teamed with different pants or skirts.

4. Jumper leather jacket by Jamie Bell

Its shabby black colour remembers us about something vintage, but in nowadays fashion this is a very popular trend. The classic jacket, reflecting simplicity, has two pockets on the chest and two waist ones. Zipped fastening and buttoned collar look nice within the slim-fit model.

5. Dark Angel leather jacket by Jessica Alba

Young ladies adore this incarnation of posh style in black colour. Stunning look of Max is still in trend and does not demand any extra accessories. Cropped length shows a cool figure of the actress. Hugging the body shapes make the look very sexy and glossy. It is a nice thing to be combined with leather skinny pants or a pair of jeans.

So, we are introduced many different types of movie jackets, which are still loved by the followers and worn as the statements within their styles.