Bane Coats

Superhero movies and their costumes: the top 5 movies clothing this season

The fans of Super hero movies are also influenced with their clothing style. There is much demand for the movie jackets in the market whether it is dark night bane coats, iron man biker jacket or guardian galaxy jacket, etc

Captain America

The actor looks chic in his blue leather jacket with the shiny silver broad star and straps from the chest to the back. It has zip at the front, two inside pockets, stand up collar, well quilted pattern at the shoulders, sleeves and abdomen region. This jacket also has detailing like breathable mesh of dark blue on both the sides of jacket, which gives it more endearing look. The actress was seen with the classy and stylish short chocolate color leather jacket with diagonal fashionable buttoned enclosure, broad collars and trendy belt at the waist, wrist cuffs and the collar. She looks very elegant in this coveted piece of jacket with the black skinny jeans. She is also seen with the beautiful dark green single buttoned blazer style jacket. It is body fitting, classic lining and two flap pockets at the front.

Guardian of galaxy

The actor was seen with very stylish piece of red color jacket with nice detailing and the technique. It is having pinhole pattern at the front of the jacket with the pressed gold colored studs. It is having classic lining, zip at the front, two zipper pockets on the sides and the fashionable below elbow golden sliding belt. The jacket design was quite different, yet elegant from other movie jackets. He is also seen in red colored high neck trench coat, nicely knitted having fashionable double buttons at the centre.

The dark knight rises

The villain in the film was seen with the high neck distressed brown color bane coats. It is having shearling lining on inner side, buttons all over the centre of the jacket, two pockets at the chest, two buttoned pockets at the centre, slit at the back of the jacket and hem at the handcuffs. The actor is also seen with the high necked black long buttoned jacket having belt at the centre and four big flap pockets two at the waist and other two at the chest. Bane coats gained much popularity after this movie.

Wolverine X men days of future past

The actor is seen with black colored stand up collar jacket with the yellow piping detailing on all over the jacket, stripe pattern at the back, v neck zip pattern, single zip at the front and vertical zip at the back of the sleeves. Other jacket was black biker jacket with the brown color three straps at the sleeve and belt like pattern strap at the waist. It has single zip at the centre, two long zip pockets at the sides of the jacket and snap buttoned collar.  The actor is also seen wearing dark brown plain jacket, which has classic lining, pointed lapel collar, long running zips at the front, single zip at the centre and buttoned wrist cuff.

Iron man 3

The actor is seen wearing black leather jacket with the snap buttoned collar. It has single zip at the centre, zip pocket on left side of the chest and two vertical pockets at the waist. It also has epaulets on the shoulders, ribbed pattern at the elbow, vertical zip at the back side of the sleeves and hem at the waist.

These are the top 5 super hero movies in which the actors are seen with different designs of the jacket.