Alex Mercer Jacket

Video games character jackets fans prefer this winter/spring  - the top 5

To Gamers of the world, RPG(Role Playing Games) has brought in a new world of excitement and fantasy. Despite having quite the bad reputation, video games have been known to come with some undeniable added advantages like stress and depression relief, advance motor skills and reflexes. These games pull you out of your dull and boring life and transform you into a mysterious realm of adrenaline rush. The detailing is so energetic is some games it feels real. The characters that you play in the games become you, and in turn you become them. Which is why designers started to maximize the fashion statement, and now you can follow that in real. Get a trendy and killer look with signature style jackets from some of the most famous/infamous game characters. One of the latest in-trend jackets is the Alex Mercer jacket. Become them, for real.

1. The leather jacket taken from Prototype:The protagonist Alex Mercer is wearing a glamorous leather jacket known as Alex Mercer jacket made a powerful appeal to the audience with the coming out of this game. The original gaming jacket is made out of the richest quality leather which is the appeal of this bad boy. You will get this jackets with the other eye catching features such as YKK zippers, one strap on shoulder, two waist pockets, one zipped pocket and the signature of the jacket, the red dragon plastered in the back. Your panache will be satisfied with this shape shifter jacket.

2. Assassin’s Creed Jacket:Hoodie jackets have made a great comeback with this item. Adventurous and dangerous, the look itself sets you apart from the crowd. This synthetic jacket worn by Conner Kenway in the game is one of the most popular jackets gaming industry has seen. Complete within itself with the red and black combination with red patches and zip in front. This will definitely make you prompting and visible everywhere and on the watch list of fellow players.

3. Resident Evil VI Jacket:The designers have gone out and beyond with this one. Worn by the protagonist Leon in is the answer to your gaming craze. Feel the fashion frenzy and top it up with this signature style. It isrecognizable everywhere and the x-factor that will outdo every other jacket in the room.

4. Mass Effect 3 N7 Game Leather Jacket:Once again a classic masterpiece worn by Commander Shepard in the game Mass Effect 3. This jacket looks simply breathtaking and drop dead gorgeous. Zip it up and get ready to draw some gazes and astonish your peers. The red stripes have added additional zeal. The jacket comes with features like stand up collar and open hand cuffs. The logo in front completes the look. This jacket has practicality and panache written all over it.

5. Human Revolution Trench Coat: Video game fans, your prayers are answered; don the sleek and stylish look with this trench coat that was worn by the game’s hero Adam Jensen. This cyberpunk themed action role playing video game is set in the year 2027, and the designers have definitely done justice on this number. The design is futuristic and protective for winter; undeniably this will set you apart in the group. This jacket comes with features such as embossed flower pattern on the shoulders, Fold-up collar, hidden front pockets in side seam and well-tailored cut.