Womens Brown Leather Jacket

For Fall this season- the Quilted leather jackets

Now here is a jacket that is trendy and exquisite in every way! It is the quilted leather jacket. Stylish, lightly studded and elegant the jacket is classy and fit for any occasion. The club or the office. Some jackets come with a little quilted detail on the sleeves, back or sides and this transforms the jacket and takes it to another level. Tara from the Style Rawr exclaims, “That is the hottest jacket in the history of the world!” Katie Chamel, expresses the same love for the jacket. “I love this. I have one leather jacket but this so beats it. Beautiful!,” she says.

The standard leather jacket may be a vintage piece to have but the quilted leather jacket is the jacket to have this season. Dressed up or down. You are sure to be a head turner everywhere you go with the quilted leather jacket. Ditch the standard look and get extra stylish and unique with the leather quilt for the following reasons:

•   It’s a scarce item seen on the streets and runway/catwalk

Rebecca Taylor, Chanel and DKNY are a few of the fashion houses that have a quilted jacket in their recent fall/winter collections.The jacket looks incredible in black, the detail and texture of the jacket is emphasized through the color. A women’s brown leather jacket would still be gorgeous to wear but it won’t radiate the same effect a black one has.Topshop sells an exquisite white quilted leather jacket for women. The quilt is thinner than a usual quilt design and it highlights the waist with a sort of peplum design.

•   It’s modern

Due to the jacket being showcased on the runway, it has turned the jacket into a current piece that is trending all over the world. Witchery.com.au rates the quilt as a must have. “It is the must have style of the season. It’s a perennially cool investment piece,” it says. The jacket can have either a matte or shiny finish. Both finishes exemplify the detail of the coat. Investing in either/or rubs off the same rawness that is inherent to the jacket.

•   The patterns are eye-catching and stylish

The leather jacket can come entirely quilted or it can have patches and panels of the quilt. One look at the quilt design and people will fall in love with it. The quilt is refreshing to eye and the overall leather garment. This is one of the reasons of its popularity in the fashion industry. Teacher and image consultant, Itumeleng Motlhabi says it has a lot of texture. “It’s quite fun,” she says. 

•   They aren’t well-known

Very few people are familiar with the quilt. “I’m not really familiar with quilted leather,” says KhanyisaPhika. “I haven’t seen this kind of jacket before. It’s beautiful but it’s for young ladies,” says Shalati Khosa.

Niemanmarcus.com sells Vinces’ women’s brown leather jacket. It is a darker shade of brown, quite pastel actually. On average it costs about $900. The design is shaped as a cropped biker jacket. The quilt panels are on the side pockets and the sleeves. They aren’t as visible and rough as the black or dark coloured makes.

The quilted leather jacket is trendy. Although fairly new for some, this will soon change as the catwalk and fashion designers embrace the look. It will certainly make an impact not just for this season but for seasons to come.